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3M Paint Masking Solutions: Promoting Design Without Limits

3M Paint Masking Solutions

The automotive industry is continuously changing and this also includes the world of specialty vehicle design. There is much pressure in delivering the latest paint trends but this is usually limited by the reality of its complexity and cost.

ABLE works hand-in-hand with 3M to make these solutions for our clients. Because of this, we are also prepared to offer our clients paint masking solutions that won’t bind them to limits – let’s take a better look at that in this article.

Providing Support: 3M’s Paint Masking Solutions 

3M offers comprehensive custom paint masking solutions that are able to work with existing processes and production equipment. These work to create inspiring paint finishes that are efficiently and consistently produced without the need to change the process, equipment, and speed of delivery.

Specifically, there are three applications where 3M’s paint masking solutions can be applied:

Adding to this, 3M’s paint masking solutions also have the following benefits to further show its reliability:

3M Paint Masking: Reliable Duct and Masking Tape Solutions

Defects can easily get noticed. It’s crucial that any solutions you use are easy to apply and can withstand the necessary bake cycles. After protecting the masked surface, they need to be removed cleanly and easily as well. 

As such, 3M has the following masking and duct tapes solutions for their clients: 

Product Solutions for Paint Masking

Whether you’re making paint repairs or masking parts, you need to choose the right products and processes to help increase efficiency. 3M’s masking products are engineered to not only withstand temperatures or remove cleanly, but they’re also engineered to stick firmly to substrates. 

That said, here are a couple of 3M’s paint masking solutions to help you find the appropriate one for you.

3M Adjustable Paint Masking Applicator

An applicator designed for OEMs as a robust, lightweight, and intuitive tool for masking complex surfaces. This tool includes application tips that can be adjusted to the precise depth required. It also has magnets to help keep the tool aligned while a cutter block helps to increase the machine’s productivity.

Masking Tapes

Fine Line Tapes

Masking Films

Duct Tapes

It’s important to keep up with the latest paint trends and what better way to do that than to use the power of 3M’s paint masking solutions. As these solutions allow the repair of even old devices, they are great options for anyone who is trying to update to the latest trends but are having a hard time finding the right solutions for them. Fortunately, 3M is partnered with ABLE to deliver these solutions to their clients. 

Interested in learning more about 3M’s paint masking solutions? Talk to us today and we’ll be more than happy to assist you with the challenges that you might be facing.