Assembly & Kitting

One thing that makes ABLE a one-stop shop for all your custom converting needs is we can provide all the assembly and kitting services for your completed project. Whether you’re looking to package and label your parts to prepare for inventory, or you’re seeking a packaging solution to streamline preproduction, we can help.

Compiling and sequencing for preproduction

When your custom converting project entails multiple parts, ABLE can package these into assembly and component kits. These eliminate the need to sort, compile and sequence disparate pieces, streamlining your preproduction process.

Assembly and Kitting converting
  • Reduce lost parts
  • Gain efficiencies in material and labor costs
  • Simplify complex projects into an easy-to-follow format
  • Have labeling available to your specifications

Packaging and labeling for warehousing and inventory

Single pieces and multiple-part kits can be package-sealed and barcoded for ease of warehousing and inventorying.

Quality control

Our team’s inspection capabilities ensure the custom converter meets requirements for international and industry standards, so everything arrives ready for assembly and kitting.

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