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Battery Bonding Solutions With 3M™ SCOTCH-WELD™ Structural Adhesives

3M™ SCOTCH-WELD™ Structural Adhesives

With bonding materials like battery and metal, it’s important to have high-quality adhesives on hand to ensure the best performance. It also helps to ensure the quality of the structural adhesive has the necessary technology for bonding solutions. 3M™ SCOTCH-WELD™ Structural Adhesives is one of the best choices in the industry because of its advanced solutions for bonding products. 

Where can you access these structural adhesives? ABLE is one of the preferred converters and premier distributor that can assist you. But before anything else, let’s look further at 3M™ SCOTCH-WELD™ Structural Adhesives to see what they have to offer. 

Better Battery Bonding Solutions With 3M™ SCOTCH-WELD™ Structural Adhesives

As technology becomes more complicated and requires connectivity, capacity, transportability, and sustainability, there is also a need for high-density portable power. 3M understands the challenges, and their bonding solutions can assist with your innovations. 

3M Structural Adhesives help support emerging battery design trends (e.g., cell-to-pack). They also help address major challenges in battery assembly, which include the reduction of heat, lightweighting, and bonding of dissimilar materials. The adhesive and tape bonding solutions by 3M combine both structural strength and mechanical flexibility to provide the battery pack with alignment and stability. 

3M™ SCOTCH-WELD™ Structural Adhesives offer the following battery bonding solutions: 

The Benefits of 3M™ Products Used In The Battery Market 

When using 3M™ SCOTCH-WELD™ Structural Adhesives for battery bonding, you can be ensured that you’re using top-of-the-line technology for bonding solutions. That said, here are some benefits that you can get out of using 3M Structural Adhesives for battery bonding: 

Combines easily into automated processes 

3M’s structural adhesives are available in a variety of viscosities and flow rates for applications that are fast, precise, and repeatable. The adhesives apply easily with automated equipment without the need for modifying the existing production process. 

Guarantees no degradation or distortion when bonding dissimilar materials 

Using 3M™ SCOTCH-WELD™ Structural Adhesives deliver adhesives that have high strength on substrates such as steel, aluminum, and various fiber-reinforced plastic without the need for primers. They also bond dissimilar materials properly without any resin degradation or distortion. Furthermore, urethanes and other acrylic structural adhesives can provide strong bonds to high-surface-energy substrates such as nylon beads. 

Bonds against moisture and temperature extremes 

3M™ SCOTCH-WELD™ Structural Adhesives has some of the best technology for bonding solutions that meets a wide range of test standards for temperature extremes and water intrusion. The adhesive and tape bonding solutions also combat moisture for long-lasting effects. 

Reduce NVH and Isolates between metal 

3M™ SCOTCH-WELD™ Structural Adhesives can also double as isolators between metal substrates, helping to resist electric corrosion without the need to pretreat metal rivets or bolts. Also, the toughened epoxy and flexible acrylic adhesives can reduce and manage noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH). 

Which 3M™ Products Used In The Battery Market Should You Use? 

It’s worth noting that 3M has a variety of bonding solutions used in the battery market. That said, here’s a rundown of their available structural adhesive products that may help with your decision-making process before purchasing. 

3M Double Sided Tapes 

3M Double Sided Tapes are excellent for thin-bonding challenges. They are strong, durable, and resistant to temperatures and chemicals. These tapes feature adhesive chemistries on both sides which allow for bonding dissimilar metal and plastic substrates. These also enable consistent application of the adhesive across wide areas.

3M Battery Sealants

3M’s battery sealants offer ease in sealing electrical enclosures. It reduces the need for manual labor with its one-part and two-part battery sealant that allow automated mixing and application. These come in two types:

Other 3M Structural Adhesives

Apart from the 3M Battery Sealants and Double Sided Tapes, 3M also has other product categories available that cater to the needs of those in the hunt for high-quality bonding materials and adhesives. They are as follows: 

Do You Want to Use 3M™ Bonding Solutions Products?

If you’re on the hunt for bonding, protective seals, or gap-filling for battery bonding, you can consult with ABLE’s material experts. They are here to help you get the ideal 3M™ SCOTCH-WELD™ Structural Adhesives that would work best with your project. In addition, ABLE’s experts, with our rigorous analysis, access to data, and expertise, can aptly assist you in finding the ideal adhesive and tape bonding solution that would best suit your needs and standards.

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