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Rogers Corporation: Sustainability by Design

Rogers Corporation Sustainability by Design

One of the standard business practices of Rogers Corporation is sustainability. Not only do they design, create, and innovate for high-performance, durable, and reliable materials to meet the needs of their customers, but they also do these practices towards enhanced sustainability solutions. Rogers’ commitment to environmental sustainability includes designing their products to meet international safety standards and are often used for applications where safe performance is essential. 

The company’s product innovation and design supports the needs and provides solutions for their customers while directing the same elements towards enabling solutions for a more sustainable future. In this case, the engineering and design teams of Rogers work closely with their customer counterparts to find sustainable solutions for various markets. 

It goes without saying that Rogers Corporation leads the industry in developing material technology platforms with sustainability at the core of its design. 

Rogers Corporation: Products for Sustainability 

As mentioned, Rogers Corporation innovates, creates, and designs products that would undergo rigorous international safety standards before being allowed for usage. That said, here are three (3) products that highlights sustainability and safety: 

BISCO® Materials

Rogers’ BISCO® materials are often used for mass transportation applications due to their technical design and durability. But apart from that, it’s because the products comply with the most stringent UL Flame settings, making the materials more fire resistant. This also emits less harmful emissions when exposed to extreme conditions. 

PORON® Materials

PORON® Materials are manufactured sustainably, which means they are durable, long-lasting, multifunctional, and free of harmful substances. These products are used in different industries, including automotive and footwear. 

High-Frequency Specialty Laminates

The company has a standard of reliability and durability in its advanced materials due to Rogers’ commitment to environmental sustainability. As such, their materials perform longer, require less maintenance, and reduce waste. 

Practicing Sustainability by Design 

With their continued efforts to apply sustainability in all aspects of their processes, here are three applications where the company applies their efforts. This also includes highlighting items that are the company’s products for sustainability:

Vacuum Bagging 

The materials are reusable vacuum bags that provide consumers and industrial-based applications with a sustainable and convenient solution. Whether it’s for resin manufacturing, prepreg molding processes, or a vacuum cleaner, these reusable silicone bags improve efficiency while reducing material costs. Among their products, the ARLON® Thermavac® vacuum bagging materials are a durable and lightweight solution. The composite of fluoropolymer film and silicone rubber can withstand high temperatures while resisting chemical degradation. 

Routers, Switches, and Data Servers

Busbars are helping to address the continuous challenges in data center technology. It helps to solve the hurdles of designing routers, switches, and data servers that can deliver increasing power demands while providing signal integrity, long-term functionality, and thermal conductivity. The ROLINX® Busbars are not only engineered for power distribution, but they also provide a sustainable solution for data centers that need adaptability. 

Mechanical Fastening

There is a challenge when trying to achieve a long-term and reliable attachment when joining dissimilar substrates. Contrary to traditional structural fastening methods, modern design and sustainability often render welding and mechanical fasteners less effective than other bonding solutions.  Among their products, the following are best used to solve challenges to achieve a clean and reliable design and extend product life: 

Rogers Corporation: Highlighting Environmental Protection

As Rogers is dedicated to preserving and protecting the environment while minimizing their impact, they consider these factors in their business practices: 

Sustainable Operations at Rogers Corporation

Rogers recognizes the opportunity to create a positive impact on the future by reducing their carbon footprint and by encouraging sustainability practices within their operations. As such, they apply sustainable methods wherever possible. Here are four ways in which the company applies sustainable efforts to their operations:

Environmental Compliance

The company is subject to following federal, state, local, and foreign laws, rules, and regulations related to the handling, usage, storage, discharge, or disposal of hazardous chemicals and other substances used in the manufacturing of their products. Rogers fully complies with all applicable environmental regulations and is committed to reflecting such laws and regulations into their policies, processes, procedures, and designs. The company also takes the following measures to ensure that they manage their environmental impact and improve the sustainability of their activities: 


As Rogers’ materials help to reduce worldwide energy usage, the company also takes measures to decrease their energy consumption in operations. They aim to be as efficient as possible. They also keep track of their energy usage to find any areas for improvement. 


With their commitment to sustainability in mind, Rogers actively manages and reduces their waste generation. This also includes minimizing the amount of waste that sent to landfills. Rogers follows the Waste Disposal Hierarchy, where waste reduction follows a cycle that includes prevention, reduction, recycling, recovery, and disposal. 


Rogers focuses its water management efforts on maximizing water efficiently to conserve water whenever possible. They continue to evaluate the processes to find feasible water-saving opportunities and track water due to areas of improvement. 

Achieving and practicing sustainability can be a hurdle. As such, Rogers’ commitment to environmental sustainability is a great step in helping their customers achieve sustainability one step at a time with their products. The company takes great pride in applying sustainable methods and processes to the design, creation, and production of their materials and products. 

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