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ABLE: Leading the Way in Custom Converting Solutions Through Innovative Partnerships

ABLE partnerships in converting solutions

ABLE, an innovator in custom converting solutions globally, benefits greatly from powerful partnerships with the top companies in the market, such as 3M, Rogers Corporation, Laird, Saint-Gobain, and Sekisui Kasei. As a result of these partnerships, ABLE has access to premium materials and cutting-edge technologies, which facilitates the creation of innovative converting solutions that satisfy various industry needs. ABLE sets its standards for excellence by utilizing the resources and expertise of its partners to deliver solutions with outstanding results that surpass client desires.

The Impact of Preferred Partnerships

The foundation of ABLE’s success is preferred partnerships, which provide access to special advantages and resources from top businesses in the industry. These partnerships empower ABLE to acquire top-quality materials, obtain early access to new products, and receive priority shipments, ensuring greater client-converting solutions. ABLE strengthens its competitive advantage, encourages innovation, and maintains its position as the leading company in the custom converting industry by utilizing the benefits of preferred partnerships.

There are five key reasons why securing a preferred partnership is crucial:

3 Advantages of ABLE’s Partnerships

ABLE’s Industry-Leading Partners for Converting Solutions


3M is a multinational business identified for its creative products in healthcare, automotive, electronics, and consumer products. 3M is an expert in advanced materials, adhesive technologies, abrasives, and healthcare solutions. They are connected to top preferred converters in the world to share and distribute new technology. ABLE, as a 3M preferred converter, has access to 3M’s best quality materials and technology, enabling ABLE to offer its clients in a variety of industries cutting-edge converting solutions.

Rogers Corp

Rogers Corporation specializes in materials and technology solutions for thermal management, EMI shielding, and power distribution applications. High-performance materials from Rogers, including BISCO® silicone compounds, PORON® polyurethane foams, and high-frequency laminates for electronics, are well-known. As a result of their collaboration, Rogers Corporation allows ABLE to benefit from cutting-edge materials for EMI shielding and thermal management, guaranteeing reliability and effectiveness in important uses including telecommunications and automotive electronics.


Laird is a global leader in thermal management and electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding solutions for various industries, including automotive, consumer electronics, and telecommunications. Thermal interface materials (TIMs), antenna systems, thermal gap fillers, and electromagnetic interference (EMI) shields are among Laird’s areas of expertise. Through their partnership with Laird, ABLE can provide better thermal management and dependability in electrical devices and systems by gaining access to cutting-edge thermal interface materials and EMI shielding solutions.


Saint-Gobain is a top manufacturer of construction and high-performance materials, offering a variety of products such as abrasives, performance plastics, ceramics, and flat glass. Among Saint-Gobain’s specializations are sophisticated ceramics for industrial applications, flat glass for architectural and automotive usage, high-performance polymers for automotive and aerospace, and abrasives for a variety of uses. By working together with Saint-Gobain, ABLE can obtain premium materials from a variety of industries, which improves its converting capabilities and makes it possible to provide customers all over the world with high-quality solutions.

Sekisui Kasei

Sekisui Kasei specializes in adhesive tapes and specialty films for a wide range of industries, including automotive, electronics, and healthcare. A wide range of adhesive tapes and films, such as foam tapes, double-sided tapes, protective films, and specialty tapes for different uses, are available from Sekisui Kasei. As a partner, Sekisui Kasei provides ABLE access to quality adhesive films and tapes, allowing them to provide innovative converting solutions for bonding, sealing, and insulating applications, among other client needs.

ABLE: Your Reliable Partner for Custom Converting Solutions

ABLE is a leader in custom converting solutions, driven by strong partnerships with leading companies in the market such as 3M, Rogers Corporation, Laird, Saint-Gobain, and Sekisui Kasei. These partnerships give ABLE access to premium materials and cutting-edge technologies, facilitating the development of innovative solutions suited to various business demands. ABLE raises the standard for excellence by utilizing the resources and experience of its partners to provide outstanding products that surpass customer expectations worldwide. The foundation of ABLE’s success is preferred partnerships, strengthening the company’s competitive advantage and securing its place as the world leader in the custom converting industry.

Reach out to ABLE today to learn more about how ABLE delivers top-quality products through these collaborations.