Thermal Interface Material & EMI/RFI Shielding

Designing electrical shielding components requires a high level of custom engineering and problem solving. Nothing should be left to chance because the goal is to create a part that protects the electronic device (and your customers) from the dangers of overheating.

When you’re finalizing the design of your electronic device, your custom converting expert can be a helpful partner in selecting the right materials for thermal interface and EMI shielding.

ABLE’s stock of raw materials along with our technical expertise through our preferred partnership with Laird will complete your thermal coupling solution.

What are thermal interface materials and why are they important?

If you’re joining an electrical component to a chassis or heat sink, thermal interface materials, or gap fillers, provide a path for heat to quickly escape. These highly engineered materials are designed to transfer heat at a higher rate than air, which helps maintain safe junction levels in the component.

Laird Thermal Interface Materials

Laird Thermal Interface Materials

Our preferred partnership with Laird gives ABLE the technical expertise to help you engineer the best solution for your thermal interface materials:

  • Gap Fillers
  • Liquid Gap Fillers
  • Phase Change
  • Thermal Grease
  • Thermally Conductive PCB
  • Thermally Conductive and Electrically Isolating Insulators

RF Microwave Absorbers

Tuned Frequency Absorbers, or resonant frequency (RF) absorbers, reduce electromagnetic radiation from electronic materials through absorption. RF microwave absorbers are frequently made of elastomeric and rubber materials.

Microwave absorber solutions from Laird

  • Injection Molded, Machined, Cast Liquids and Microwave Absorbing Thermoplastic
  • Low Loss Dielectrics
  • Microwave Absorbing Elastomers and Films
  • Microwave Absorbing Foams
  • Microwave Absorbing Gap Fillers
  • Ruggedized Specialty Microwave and Custom Magnetic Absorbers
RF Microwave Absorbers

Fabric-Over-Foam (FOF) Gaskets

Fabric-over-foam gaskets are composed of a conductive covering over a foam core to provide electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding in applications such as computers and telecommunications. Our engineers have the technical expertise to help create a fabric-over-foam gasket cut to the precise shape to meet your project’s EMI shielding requirements.

EMI conductive coverings from Laird

  • Nickel and copper
  • Tin and copper
  • Laird EcoGreen™ Fabric-Over-Foam
  • Laird Flame Retardant (FR) EcoGreen

EMI conductive coverings from Laird

  • Urethane
  • Thermoplastic
  • Silicone

Ready to create your EMI shield solution?