Custom Printed Tapes

ABLE's three-color flexographic printing capabilities can elevate the look of your product. We custom print 3M™ tape on a variety of web widths and lengths and precision cut to create just about any label. While custom printed tapes are frequently used for package labeling and safety seals, we can also custom cut the printed tape to meet your specific needs: Create a label on a roll, peel and stick removable instructions or just add a unique design element. The applications are almost endless.

What is flexographic label printing?

Flexographic printing uses flexible plates made of rubber that are mounted to cylinders to transfer the ink to the chosen material. Then, the material can be cut to the desired length and width. Flexographic label printing is a fast, accurate and efficient way to create a custom label, whether it’s a logo, an instructional label or something to add color and design. Send a digital file of the design and we can get started.
What is flexographic printing used for

What is flexographic printing used for?

Flexographic printing is well suited to a wide range of applications, especially where precision is called for. Because of the high level of precision that label printing and cutting demands, the flexographic printing provides an ideal method to get the results you need.

3M™ tape printing capabilities

With our custom converting capabilities, ABLE can print and cut 3M™ tape into a wide range of sizes and formats. Whether it’s a roll, or a kiss cut with a liner backing, we can do it all.

  • Rolls
  • Die cuts
  • Sheets
  • Individually cut pieces
3M Tape Printing Capabilities
Applications for Custom Printed 3M Tape

Applications for custom-printed 3M™ tape

Custom labels call for a precision fit. ABLE’s die cut capabilities can cut your custom printed tapes into the exact size and shape for your application.

  • Product identification
  • Tamper proofing
  • Product instructions
  • Product labeling

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