Router / Knife Cutting

Router knife cutting helps you achieve blade-cut shapes out of foams, foils, paper and other material at a high level of precision. ABLE’s Zünd G3 flatbed cutter comes with multiple tool components and settings, so we can achieve near perfect cuts on any material using the perfect blade.

ABLE router knife cutting

ABLE router knife cutting uses a blade to cut the shape you need from your chosen material. The robotic components that guide the router are controlled by computer software, offering a high-tech, versatile solution for your custom converter part.

Why ABLE Router knife cutting

Why ABLE router knife cutting?

The blade is routed through computerized controls, making router knife cutting highly repeatable, achieving consistently uniform results at tight tolerances. Advances in production planning keep material waste to a
minimum, reducing your costs.

With the computerized controls and robotic movements, router knife cutting requires less lead time than more traditional methods, especially die cutting.

Router knife cutting meets just about any production need:

  • Rapid prototype
  • Slow-volume jobs with a tight turnaround
  • High-volume jobs requiring high precision
  • Last-minute tweaks to the final shape

ABLE Router Knife Cutting: The Ultimate Multi-Purpose Tool

  • ABLE’s Zünd G3 flatbed cutter is extremely versatile. Like a high-tech Swiss army knife, the router features many tools so we can can achieve a cut that’s tailor-made for your material, whether it’s an open-cell sponge or a dense sheet of silicone.
  • ABLE’s flatbed cutter is capable of making different types of cuts within the same production run. For example, it can perform knock-out cuts and perforations. It can also cut shapes out of thick pieces of foam. From simple cuts to intricate shapes of varying depths, our flatbed cutting capabilities make just about any shape possible.
ABLE Router knife cutting

Let ABLE’s router knife-cutting capabilities handle your toughest jobs.