Here’s what we use to bring your project to life

When we design a production plan for your custom converter, we have two goals in mind. The first is to find the most efficient process that will reach the quality you’re looking for. The second is to maximize our value to you. Die-cutting is tried and true when it comes to precision cutting adhesives, foams and other materials that we use to build your custom part. But our capabilities go way deeper than that. Click through and explore how ABLE’s deep expertise around materials, adhesives and machine processes unite to create the best job plan.

Let’s collaborate on your custom converted part.

Our custom die-cutting service is the solid choice. We offer rotary, kiss-cutting and stamping, and work with a wide variety of materials such as plastic, foam and rubber.
When cleanliness is critical for meeting quality management requirements, our cleanroom capabilities keep dust and other contaminants to a minimum.

Enhance product quality, reduce risk and finalize your design. We can create and ship a prototype of your part in as little as 48 hours. 

Achieve intricate designs and cutouts, while getting manufacturing-ready in fewer steps. Laser cutting is ideal for prototypes and proof-of-concept.

When your part requires ultra-precision in shape, angle or fit. Water-jet cutting creates no friction or heat transfer even in the hardest materials. Eliminates heat-affected zones (HAZs) for a precision fit.

Router tools combine with knife cutting heads to perform multiple operations at once.

Need a large roll of adhesive or foam that’s cut to a specific width? Our Preferred Partnership with 3M™ gives us access to the highest quality materials.

The finishing process for products that require shielding and protection. Capabilities include: pressure lamination, in-line laminating and die cutting.
Skiver cuts foam sheets from bulk foam buns to virtually any thickness within a tight tolerance.
Print your brand, messaging or instruction on packaging tape or other adhesive, custom cut to your specified width with 3-color printing capabilities.
When product design is close to completion, but you need an inexpensive prototype to make sure you found your fit.
Our services keep your parts organized: packaging and labeling for inventory as well as compiling and sequencing for preproduction.

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