Horizontal Cutting – Skiving

ABLE's horizontal foam cutting services take our custom converting capabilities to a new dimension. Every foam converter project starts by obtaining the foam material at the precise thickness. Whether your design calls for a die cut foam gasket or an insulating shield for an electronic device, we can create the custom-sized foam sheet before you cut out the part.

What is horizontal foam cutting?

When you need foam material a specific thickness, we can slice sheets from a bulk foam bun to the thickness or thinness you need.

Why Horizontal Foam cutting

Why horizontal foam cutting - skiving?

ABLE can create prototypes of your custom converter from a variety of soft and hard materials, including foam, rubber, silicone and other materials.
  • Achieve custom-cut foam material to your desired thickness
  • Keep material loss to a minimum to save costs
  • ABLE achieves very tight tolerances
    • .2mm minimum material thickness
    • 914.4mm maximum material thickness
    • Tolerance: .0732mm

Which foam materials can ABLE cut into horizontal sheets?

From hard foams to soft, ABLE’s horizontal cutting capabilities help you get the exact material you need to create your custom foam converter.

  • Industrial Filter Foams
  • Polyurethane Foams
  • Polyethylene Foams
  • Conductive Foams
  • Medical Foams
  • Automotive Foams
Which foam materials can Able cut

One-stop precision converting

Our horizontal cutting – skiving capabilities are yet another reason why ABLE can be your one-stop shop to fill all your custom converting needs. In addition to horizontal foam cutting, we have the foam inventory, and we also fabricate, finish and assemble. From start to finish, we have everything you need to create a part that fits.

Looking for a foam material at the right thickness?