Precision Slitting

Need an adhesive, foam or flexible material cut to a specific width? Our many precision slitting and spooling capabilities cover a wide variety of needs and applications.

Lathe & Rewind Slitting

Why lathe slitting? It’s an important step in the converting process to create the right-sized material for your product. Whether you need strips of foam cut to specific dimensions or you need adhesive in a width that’s not available from the manufacturer, ABLE’s precision slitting service is a key capability in our custom converter services.
Why lathe slitting - ABLE Precision Slitting

Why lathe slitting?

Lathe slitting is the most common method used to create your custom-sized roll of tape. When you need a pressure-sensitive adhesive in a custom width, and it’s not available from the manufacturer, ABLE’s lathe-slitting services provide a cost-effective solution.

How does lathe slitting work?

  • Select a bulk roll of the chosen adhesive material (also called a log)
  • Spin the roll at a high speed
  • A blade slices the roll into the needed widths

What is spooling and when would you use it?

After lathe slitting the master roll, the next step is often spooling. Spooling lets you further customize tape to meet your production needs by combining the rolls of custom cut tape into one large roll.
  • Unwind the custom rolls of tape.
  • Splice the pieces together.
  • Wind the connected pieces of adhesive back into one single roll.

Why spooling?

In a production and assembly that requires rolls of tape, spooling saves time and space. Having one massive roll of material means less storage, less switching and more uptime.
What is spooling - ABLE Precision Slitting
What is rewind slitting - ABLE Precision Slitting

What is rewind slitting?

Rewind slitting is a standard but highly efficient method that gets your material cut to size. Here’s how it works:
  • The master roll is unwound in preparation of cutting.
  • A series of blades slices the roll into strips to the desired width.
  • The strips are then wound onto a core. These are sometimes called “mults,” as in multiples.

Why rewind slitting?

Rewind slitting can be used to support a wide range of applications. Other benefits include:
  • Simultaneous cuts allow fast turnaround
  • Reduces material waste
  • Versatile, works with many types of flexible materials in addition to adhesive

Slitting dimensions

Our slitting equipment is capable of cutting bulk material to the dimensions your product needs.
  • Minimum width: 1/16”
  • Maximum width: 60”

What is rotary precision slitting?

Rotary precision slitting is commonly used to convert sheet material into precise, uniform pieces of a specific length and width. Here’s how it works:
  • Position sheet material on the cutting table
  • Mold slide plates guide the cutting devices
  • Cutting device slices the sheet into preset lengths and widths

Why Rotary precision slitting?

When your custom strip has a tighter tolerance range, rotary precision slitting provides an ideal solution.
  • Ideal for narrow widths
  • Well-suited for lightweight materials (such as foil and liner)
  • Ideal for short-run projects
What is rotary precision slitting

What is bologna slitting?

Also known as log slitting, this offers the most technologically advanced method when it comes to slicing a large roll into smaller strips. Here’s how it works:
  • Cuts are made directly into the master roll with a spinning blade.
  • No unwinding or winding is required.
  • Laser guided cuts bring a new level of precision to the process.

Why bologna slitting

Bologna slitting lets us provide another level of value to our customers, because it’s such a versatile tool.
  • Ideal for projects where different widths are required from the same material
  • Shorter production time enhances efficiency and reduces cost
  • Best suited for projects with a smaller run

Which materials does ABLE use for precision slitting?

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Sheet Rubber

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Film & Liner

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Nonwoven Materials

3m Preferred Converter

Why is a 3M™ preferred partnership beneficial?

ABLE’s preferred partnership with 3M™ gives us access to the best materials on the market that you can custom cut into the size and shape you need for your project.

  • Priority supply
  • Access to technical information
  • Ability to confer with company tech reps
  • Competitive pricing
  • Materials sourced direct from manufacturer

We'll cut your 3M material the way you want it