Films & Foils

ABLE’s capabilities to convert films and foils into usable formats can give your project the finish, functionality and performance you’re looking for. Films and foils can be die-cut, bonded and laminated with other materials. As a custom-converted material, films and foils provide almost infinite possibilities.

DuPont™ Kapton® polyimide films

Kapton® polyimide film is a material with many unique shielding properties. This opens up a big world of applications across many industries, from aerospace to everyday consumer products. Polyimide can stand up to extreme temperatures (up to 752 degrees Fahrenheit), and boasts the highest UL-94 flammability rating: V-0. Also, polyimide is highly resistant to chemicals, has an exceptionally high dielectric strength and makes an excellent electric insulator.
Poyimide Tapes

Applications for DuPont™ Kapton® polyimide films

  • Flexible printing circuits
  • Wire and cable tapes
  • Magnetic wire insulation
  • Magnetic and pressure-sensitive tapes

DuPont™ Kapton® polyimide film products

  • Kapton® B
  • Kapton® CRC
  • Kapton® EN
  • Kapton® EN-A, EN-C, EN-Y, EN-Z
  • Kapton® FCRC
  • Kapton® FN
  • Kapton® FPC
  • Kapton® FWN
  • Kapton® FWR
  • Kapton® GS Heat Spreading Film
  • Kapton® HN
  • Kapton® HPP-ST
  • Kapton® MT and Kapton® FMT
  • Kapton® MT+
  • Kapton® PRN
  • Kapton® PST
  • Kapton® PV9100 Series
  • Kapton® RS
  • Kapton® XP

3M™ Products

Materials 50-Films&Foils

3M™ Aluminum Tapes

Aluminum with an adhesive backing is highly
convertible and provides many cost-effective

Ideal for curved and uneven surfaces, it also makes an effective barrier against moisture and vapor, while providing protection against flame, smoke and chemicals. Converted aluminum tapes can be used for electronics, construction, packaging and more.

3M Copper Tapes

3M™ Copper Tapes

Copper tapes provide electro-static shielding while protecting against chemicals and weather conditions. Copper tapes come in conductive and non-conductive types, and can be lined and unlined.

3M Anti-Fog Face Shield Film

3M™ Anti-Fog Face Shield Film

This clear, polyester film is coated on both sides with 3M™ hydrophilic anti-fogging technology, and is often used in health care medical devices, particularly face shields. ABLE has the materials and technical expertise to help you integrate this material into your innovative medical device.

Ready to select the right foil or film material for your die-cut laminate?