Your precision converting solution starts with choosing the best material

Working with a custom converter is all about finding your fit, and we’re not just talking about cutting or slicing a roll to the right size and shape. Our engineers thrive on innovation and the challenge of perfecting your custom converter project, and here’s how materials selection fits into that.

As you finalize your design for your project, ABLE not only has rolls of raw materials in stock, but we also bring a deep bench of technical expertise on their properties and how they work in the real world. If you know, for example, you need an adhesive-backed copper foil for your project, ABLE’s experts can identify the best product.

We get it: You’re juggling deadlines and budgets to finish various projects, which is why we come in with a get-it-right-the-first-time mindset. We have the materials, and we can help you identify the best material that gets the job done. This level of problem-solving ability is how ABLE brings value to each project.

Let’s collaborate on your custom converted part!

What’s a preferred partnership and why does it matter?

ABLE Industrial Products is proud to say we have preferred partnerships with top materials manufacturers in the industry. This unlocks multiple benefits for our customers:


Preferred converters are first in line for shipments and new products

Technical expertise:

We get regular training sessions and direct access to the staff engineers so we can crack open your toughest design challenges.


We access the best pricing in the market and pass the savings on to you.

ABLE is a preferred converter

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Core Materials at ABLE Industries

Designing electrical shielding components requires a high level of engineering and problem solving to protect the device (and your customers) from the dangers of overheating
Tapes and adhesives can streamline and lighten the design, and make assembly more efficient. Choose from our complete line of adhesive sheets for die cutting and more.
Looking for the right elastomeric material for gasketing, sealing or cushioning? Not all silicone is alike, but we can help you identify the best material.
When finalizing your design for a medical device or bandage, ABLE’s experts can guide your selection of the best stick-to-skin adhesives in the market.
Films and foils are used for shielding and protection. Once ABLE helps you identify the best material, we can cut it to the desired shape and format.

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