Custom Laminating

ABLE’s custom laminating capabilities seamlessly join the materials you need to create the perfect part for your product.

  • Create fastener-free parts that lend your product that streamlined and modern appearance.
  • Provides functionality, such as protection, strength and security.

The most common type of laminating is joining a substrate, as a film, foam, rubber or foil, to a
pressure-sensitive adhesive. Once we bring together the materials for your custom converted part through our laminating services, ABLE can convert the material further into the specific shape or width, through our die cutting and slitting capabilities.

Why laminating?

Laminating is a critical step in the converting process. We help you choose the materials you need to create the properties you desire in your custom part. Whether your converter is meant to hold a filter in place, provide insulation in electronics or provide protection against moisture and particulates, our technical experts are here to help.
  • Better functionality of your overall product
  • Enhance the qualities of your product, such as strength and appearance
  • Solve design problems when standard, off-the-shelf products don’t have what you need (e.g., thickness)
Adhesive backing - ABLE custom laminating

Adhesive backing

For a peel-and-stick option, ABLE can apply pressure-sensitive adhesive to a wide range of flexible materials before it is custom cut to the exact shape and dimensions you need.
  • Film
  • Foam
  • Rubber
  • Foil
  • Silicone

Laminating dissimilar materials

Laminating dissimilar materials requires an extensive technical knowledge of the adhesives that are available on the market. That’s where ABLE’s expertise can guide you to the best options, thanks to our technical capabilities we’ve gained through the 3M™ Preferred Converter Network.

  • Surface and adhesive chemistries
  • Adhesive strength
  • Environmental conditions
ABLE Custom Laminating Dissimilar materials
ABLE's custom laminating capabilities

ABLE’s custom laminating capabilities

Let ABLE be a key part of your product creation. When you need adhesive coverage in specific zones, laminating becomes more complex. ABLE’s capabilities take your custom part a step further with island placement and zone adhesive coverage. In addition to finding the right process for your product, ABLE can help with material selection when it’s time for laminating services.

Island placement services

Island placement in custom converting means placing a different substrate with a zone of adhesive. The classic example is the adhesive bandage with an absorbent comfort pad.
  • Precision placement on the material web
  • Reduce error and waste
Island Placement Services - ABLE custom laminating
Zone adhesive coverage - ABLE custom laminating

Zone adhesive coverage

When your custom laminate needs an adhesive coating only on specific areas, ABLE can perform zone adhesive coverage on your custom laminate in one of two ways. ABLE’s technical experts can identify the most efficient process to keep material waste to a minimum.
  • Die cut the adhesive to the shape and apply it to the substrate.
  • Custom cut the adhesive on the web surface, and pull it from the zones where adhesive isn’t needed.

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