ABLE Automotive: The Best Gasketing and Sealing Solutions in the Industry

Best Gasketing and Sealing Solutions in the Industry

Seals and gaskets must be able to exceed industry standards and withstand challenging conditions.  When it comes to sealing and gasketing, material selection is critical – especially in the automotive industry. Gaskets must be able to protect components while preventing any failures and unplanned maintenance. As such, effective materials must be able to seal out […]

3M Paint Masking Solutions: Promoting Design Without Limits

3M Paint Masking Solutions

The automotive industry is continuously changing and this also includes the world of specialty vehicle design. There is much pressure in delivering the latest paint trends but this is usually limited by the reality of its complexity and cost. ABLE works hand-in-hand with 3M to make these solutions for our clients. Because of this, we […]

Rogers Corporation: Sustainability by Design

Rogers Corporation Sustainability by Design

One of the standard business practices of Rogers Corporation is sustainability. Not only do they design, create, and innovate for high-performance, durable, and reliable materials to meet the needs of their customers, but they also do these practices towards enhanced sustainability solutions. Rogers’ commitment to environmental sustainability includes designing their products to meet international safety […]

Achieving Thermal Solutions With ProCell EV Firewall

Achieving Thermal Solutions With ProCell EV Firewall

Electrification for vehicles has become a part of the automotive world. In addition, thermal propagation management for battery manufacturers and end users remains an important topic within the industry. As customer safety is paramount to the industry, Rogers Corporation develops materials to help maximize safety without having to minimize battery performance.  Rogers Corporation has developed […]

Battery Bonding Solutions With 3M™ SCOTCH-WELD™ Structural Adhesives

3M™ SCOTCH-WELD™ Structural Adhesives

With bonding materials like battery and metal, it’s important to have high-quality adhesives on hand to ensure the best performance. It also helps to ensure the quality of the structural adhesive has the necessary technology for bonding solutions. 3M™ SCOTCH-WELD™ Structural Adhesives is one of the best choices in the industry because of its advanced […]

Rogers Preferred Converter Guide: A Closer Look at Rogers’ Products

Rogers products

Rogers Corporation is a global leader in engineered materials to protect, empower, and connect the world. As a specialty engineered materials company, Rogers helps the world’s leading innovators solve their material challenges, offers innovative solutions to empower the customers’ technological breakthroughs, and sets the standard for efficiency, performance, and reliability. Rogers partners with customers in […]

3M Preferred Converter Guide: All About 3M VHB Tapes

3M VHB Tapes

Permanent bonding projects require different setups and necessities. For instance, putting two items together is challenging, especially if the surfaces are mismatched and must be bonded to hold for the long term. A very high bonding (VHB) tape is one practical and environmentally-friendly solution. Committed to improving its environmental footprint, 3M created 3M VHB Tapes […]

ABLE’s Custom Converting Materials and Their Advantages

ABLE’s Custom Converting Materials and Their Advantages

Many original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and product designers are racing against customer demand as they are scrambling to expand their machine’s capabilities to meet a wider range of applications at faster speeds. While many industries are moving to fully automated systems for manufacturing or remanufacturing, these kinds of revamps can be costly, especially for OEMs […]

ABLE’s Custom Converting Solutions for the Medical Market

ABLE’s Custom Converting Solutions for the Medical Market

Medical device manufacturing is becoming one of the vibrant industries with applications running the gamut from new wearable technologies to wound care solutions. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are always looking for converting companies that can bring strong expertise and capabilities to the table. This includes a deep understanding of the latest medical materials and proficiency […]

ABLE Industrial Products, Inc.: Your Reliable 3M Preferred Converter

3m Preferred Logo

Excellence and Credibility – these are the qualities that every business wants to achieve or at least partner with other organizations that possess these traits. In the converting industry, being honored as a 3M preferred converter is the cream of the crop. It signifies to the world that a converter deeply understands the industry leader, […]