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From Concept to Creation: ABLE Converting Solutions Delivers Tailored Converting Capabilities

From Concept to Creation ABLE Converting Solutions Delivers Tailored Converting Capabilities

Partnering with a custom converter offers numerous benefits, such as gaining access to their converting capabilities and material expertise. By working closely together, a converting company can help determine the most suitable materials and converting solutions for your specific needs and applications. Outsourcing your converting needs can help enhance product quality, streamline manufacturing processes, and decrease expenses.

To achieve these goals, it’s essential to team up with a trustworthy converter like ABLE and establish a collaborative approach to create a tailored converting solution.

Transform Your Projects with ABLE Converting Solutions’ Custom Converting Capabilities

When creating a production plan for your custom converting project, ABLE focuses on achieving high-quality results with maximum efficiency while offering great value. Although die-cutting is a dependable method for precision cutting various materials, ABLE’s capabilities go beyond. Here are some of the capabilities that we offer to our customers:

3D Printing

The 3D printing service offered by ABLE is a cost-effective and time-efficient solution to create test samples and proof of concepts for your project’s production. Depending on the part’s complexity, ABLE can deliver prototypes within as little as 48 hours of receiving the request.

Horizontal Foam Cutting

In the foam converting industry, obtaining the foam material at the correct thickness is crucial to the success of any project. ABLE offers custom cutting services that allow for precise thickness and size before cutting out the desired shape. This is particularly useful when creating insulating shields for electronic devices or die-cut foam gaskets. With our horizontal foam cutting capabilities, ABLE can provide custom-sized foam sheets for various applications.

Custom Printed Tapes

To improve the aesthetic appeal of a product, ABLE Inc. provides two-color flexographic printing services. By printing 3M™ tape in various lengths and web widths and using precision cutting and label customization, we can create a customized solution for any industry. ABLE can also produce removable instructions or add unique design elements to the printed tape, making it versatile for a range of applications.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is provided by ABLE Inc. as an alternative to conventional techniques that involve custom metal dies or blades. The material to be cut is subjected to the heat of a laser beam, allowing for precise shaping and sizing as per the required dimensions. A computer program guides the movement of the laser beam during the process, which is capable of achieving accurate results, and ABLE can offer support to clients in achieving their desired outcomes through this technique.

Water-Jet Cutting

In custom converting, Water-Jet cutting is a commonly used cutting method that involves utilizing a narrow stream of pressurized water to cut the material into the desired shape. To cut through harder materials or thicker, heat-resistant foams, an abrasive material can be added to the water solution. ABLE provides water-jet cutting services that can effectively cut through challenging materials, such as thick foams and heat-resistant silicone.

Custom Die Cutting

In the converting industry, die cutting is a prevalent method of fabricating materials such as foams, rubbers, adhesives, and films into various shapes. ABLE offers rotary die-cutting services that enable the creation of nearly any shape from most materials, including adhesive-backed foam and film. This process is ideal for high-volume orders that require a fast turnaround time and tight tolerance.

Rapid Prototyping

A crucial step in the design process is producing a die-cut prototype, which accurately reflects the final product’s specifications and dimensions. ABLE’s rapid prototyping program is an effective converting solution that enables clients to meet production deadlines by providing actual prototypes of custom-converted parts.

Lathe Slitting & Spooling

ABLE Inc. provides cost-effective solutions for clients who need pressure-sensitive adhesive in non-standard widths that are not readily available from manufacturers using lathe slitting, a widely used method in the converting industry to produce customized rolls of tape.

Router Knife Cutting

ABLE offers router knife cutting as a precise cutting solution for various materials, including foams, foils, and paper. With its Zünd G3 flatbed cutter, we can achieve near-perfect cuts on any material by using the appropriate blade and multiple tool components and settings.

Custom Laminating

The custom lamination services provided by ABLE play a crucial role in improving the final product’s functionality. Our team of technical professionals is highly skilled in lamination and can assist clients in achieving specific functions, such as holding filters in place, providing insulation for electronic components, and offering protection against moisture and particulates.

Clean Fabrication Facilities

ABLE Inc. possesses cleanroom facilities that comply with the stringent standards of diverse industries. Maintaining a cleanroom workspace eliminates dust, particles, mold, and moisture, creating a suitable environment for fabricating, assembling, and packaging materials. By leveraging ABLE’s cleanroom manufacturing services, clients can guarantee the production of high-quality, contaminant-free products from the start of the process until the end.

Partnering with an experienced custom conversion company can enable you to utilize their converting expertise and combine it with various materials to improve your product’s functionality and aesthetics.

Are you interested in exploring our converting capabilities? Don’t hesitate any further! ABLE is prepared to aid you with your converting needs. Get in touch with us today!