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Elevating Medical and Healthcare with Sekisui Kasei’s Hydrogel Solutions

Elevating Medical and Healthcare with Sekisui Kasei's Hydrogel Solutions

As ABLE continues its unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional custom converting solutions, we actively seek collaboration with organizations that contribute to our quest for innovation. We are delighted to announce our most recent industry partnership, which promises to enrich our product offerings and uphold our prominent position in delivering cutting-edge solutions.

This is precisely why ABLE established a partnership with Sekisui Kasei.

Sekisui Kasei specializes in a diverse array of electrode and processed gel products, serving the needs of both health-conscious consumers and medical professionals. Our foremost priority is ensuring safety, so we rely on reliable ST-gel as the core component in these products.

Elevating Medical and Healthcare with Sekisui Kasei’s Hydrogel

Sekisui Kasei is a prominent manufacturer and supplier of ST-gel, a high-performance gel material widely recognized and extensively employed in diverse medical domains. Its exceptional stability in measurement has established ST-gel as the preferred choice for bioelectrodes.

Beyond supplying ST-gel as a gel material, Sekisui Kasei established a robust production infrastructure that spans the entire spectrum from design and manufacturing to the sale of finished products, encompassing electrodes and gel pads.

In an era marked by growing health consciousness, TENS and EMS devices are experiencing heightened popularity across all age groups, with wearable devices gaining rapid traction. Thanks to its outstanding conductivity, ST-gel finds applications in various contexts, including measuring human electrical signals and electrical stimulation. Furthermore, its skin-friendly nature minimizes irritation, ensuring its safety for repetitive use. Sekisui Kasei’s adhesive pads employing ST-gel can be tailored to our customer’s specific needs, incorporating features such as hooks, lead wires, and flexible printed circuit boards.

Exploring ST-Gel’s Remarkable Performance

ST-gel boasts a distinctive composition incorporating moisturizers and electrolytes into the polymer matrix. This unique blend gives rise to its multifaceted characteristics, including adhesive properties, resistance to drying, and excellent conductivity. When applied with an electrode component, it securely adheres to the skin, detecting even the most subtle electrical currents through its conductivity and facilitating the transfer of currents generated by the device to the human body.

The Role of Hydrogel in Medical Innovations

Sekisui Kasei is actively involved in the creation, design, development, manufacturing, and meticulous quality control of numerous bioelectrodes, all in strict compliance with Japan’s QMS ministerial ordinance. Sekisui Kasei’s extensive experience includes a demonstrated history of furnishing essential technical data to facilitate the attainment of CE marking and FDA approval.

Electrosurgical Instruments

A return electrode, commonly called an earth electrode, is employed in surgical procedures with an electric scalpel or electrosurgical instrument. These electrodes are available in two variations: conductive and electrostatic capacitive. Sekisui Kasei provides diverse sizes to cater to patients across a broad weight spectrum, from adults to extremely lightweight infants.

ECG Electrodes for Examinations

Sekisui Kasei offers specialized resting ECG electrodes explicitly crafted for electrocardiogram (ECG) assessments. These electrodes incorporate a high-grade HIT gel material known for its robust adhesion properties, particularly in confined areas. Their adhesiveness maintains exceptional strength immediately upon application to the skin, ensuring a stable and reliable examination can be conducted.

Electrocardiogram Electrodes

The electrodes, known for their gentle adherence and outstanding ability to conform to the skin, facilitate stable electrocardiographic measurements by minimizing impedance.

Given the necessity for precise transmission and reception of extremely delicate electrical signals in electrocardiogram electrodes, maintaining a high level of accuracy is paramount. ST-gel electrodes offer a versatile performance profile that can be tailored to meet specific application requirements.

Electrical Stimulation Devices

Sekisui Kasei offers electrodes and gel pads specially crafted for compatibility with electrical stimulation devices like TENS and EMS. These items are suitable for multiple applications and do not induce skin irritation due to the passage of electric current.

Gel Taping

Sekisui Kasei presents a distinct taping solution for various applications, including immobilization, pain alleviation, and more. This specialized taping product incorporates “ST-gel” and exhibits a gentle nature on the skin, rendering it suitable for individuals with sensitive skin who may have difficulty with conventional tape. Furthermore, this product finds application in research endeavors focused on preventing locomotive syndrome.

Innovative Healthcare Applications of Sekisui Kasei’s Hydrogel

The remarkable conductive properties of ST-gel have established it as a favored option for numerous applications, including the measurement of human electrical signals and electrical stimulation. This is particularly prominent in areas like TENS and EMS devices, which are gaining popularity across various age demographics. Additionally, the gel’s minimal skin irritation qualities make it well-suited for applications that require repetitive use. Furthermore, adhesive pads incorporating ST-gel can be tailored to accommodate specific customer needs, including hooks, lead wires, and flexible printed circuit boards.

Customized Electrodes

The company provides design proposals featuring diverse specifications, including but not limited to hooks, lead wires, and flexible printed circuit boards, catering to various applications. They are proficient at suggesting appropriate gel materials and electrode designs that align seamlessly with the specific equipment requirements.

Recently, there has been a notable surge in advanced medical research focusing on brain-related studies. ST-gel has found its place in the advanced medical sector due to its exceptional conductivity and ability to finely regulate electrode performance. Furthermore, the growing health consciousness has increased the popularity of wearable devices designed for autonomous health management.

Adhesive Pads

Sekisui Kasei provides adhesive pads designed for various health support and beauty devices. These product offerings encompass a range of shapes tailored to diverse applications and objectives, allowing customers to select following their specific requirements.

Gel Pads

Sekisui Kasei presents gel pads suitable for health support purposes and as adhesive pads for low-frequency therapy equipment. These pads exhibit strong adhesion to the skin, negating the need for supplementary straps or belts to secure them. Additionally, the pads are engineered for hygienic and repeatable utilization, enabling users to replace the gel pads between sessions easily.

At ABLE, our unwavering dedication lies in delivering outstanding custom converting solutions to our clients. We actively seek partnerships with forward-thinking companies that share our commitment to innovation. By teaming up with Sekisui Kasei, we can extend top-tier solutions to clients facing unique challenges.

The synergy between ABLE and Sekisui Kasei positions us to deliver superior products and services. For more details on our collaboration with Sekisui Kasei and our comprehensive solutions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is eager to assist you!