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From Pediatrics and Beyond: Raising the Bar in Medical Industry Standards through ABLE Converting Solutions

Raising the Bar in Medical Industry Standards through ABLE Converting Solutions

Medical device manufacturing is an expanding industry encompassing a broad range of applications, including pediatrics, innovative wearable technologies, and wound care solutions. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) consistently seek companies with strong expertise and capabilities. This entails a comprehensive understanding of the latest medical materials and proficiency in specialized finishing techniques. 

The demand for custom converting solutions in the medical market, including pediatric applications, is also increasing, driven by various OEMs and medical device manufacturers. Collaborating with converting partners is a priority for medical device developers, including those focusing on pediatrics, ensuring the selection of suitable materials for new medical wearable applications. Due to the close interaction between these devices and the patient’s body, it is crucial for these wearables, especially in pediatrics, to be constructed using skin-friendly adhesives and materials that offer extended wear functionality.

Why should medical device manufacturing companies invest in converting solutions? Here are some advantages of custom converting solutions for the medical market:

Revolutionizing Medical Industry Standards with ABLE Converting’s Solutions

ABLE leverages raw materials, design expertise, and converting capabilities to produce tailor-made components for medical market solutions. In addition, we assist in identifying suitable adhesives, films, and other medical-grade materials that meet and surpass industry requirements. Our commitment extends to supporting the construction of your medical devices by supplying customized, top-notch medical-grade materials. Drawing upon our experience in the medical industry, we are well-equipped to offer potential solutions to any challenges you may encounter. Furthermore, we prioritize delivering high-quality parts at competitive prices to ensure optimal value for our customers.

Take a look at some of the medical market solutions where you will discover our customized parts:

Diagnosis Strips

A diagnostic strip is a frequently employed medical device in the clinical analysis of urine and blood, particularly for monitoring glucose concentration. It provides results either instrumentally or visually, presenting thresholds and quantitative outputs.

Stress Monitors

Physiological stress indicators can be monitored using stress monitors, primarily focusing on heart-related measurements. Using medical-grade materials, stress monitors can also serve as heart rate monitors, enabling the tracking of beats per minute.

Skin Contact Devices

Within the medical converting materials industry, there is a growing trend toward the popularity of skin contact devices. These devices are utilized in various applications, including the delivery of drug therapies (such as transdermal drug delivery systems), health diagnostics, and continuous health monitoring.

ECG & Diagnostic Pads

ECG (electrocardiograph) and diagnostic pads are compact medical devices positioned on the body to capture the electrical signals of the heart’s activity. These devices are affixed to the body and connected to wires that transmit the signals to an ECG machine. The machine then presents the information on a bedside monitor and/or generates a printed output.

Surgical Drape Adhesives

Manufacturers produce surgical drapes by utilizing adhesive-coated plastic film. In the case of ostomy and continence device components, a pouch assembly incorporates double-coated tape that adheres to the plastic film, ensuring the provision of essential moisture barrier properties.

Surgical Kit Products

A surgical kit is a collection of instruments essential for minor surgical procedures. It includes a scalpel with multiple blades and a handle, scissors in both large and small sizes, hemostats with curved and straight varieties, forceps, a probe, suture material, and gauze pads. These instruments are carefully packaged together to provide healthcare professionals with the necessary tools for performing surgical interventions effectively and efficiently.

Surgical & Dental Masks

Efficient filtration, fluid resistance, pressure differential, and flammability are characteristics that surgical and dental masks can attain. These masks establish a tight seal against the skin, effectively blocking the passage of particles, including bacteria or viruses, carried by aerosols or splashes.

Pediatrics & Neonatal Products

Due to their distinct requirements, pediatric and neonatal patients necessitate specialized and crucial medical devices that differ from those used for adults. A medical device converting company offers pediatric and neonatal products that are not limited by age and can be utilized for both pediatric and neonatal patients.

Probe Covers

Designed specifically for this purpose, probe covers are utilized to enclose the probe of an infrared thermometer. The primary objective is to safeguard the probe from potential contamination by any aural infection that the patient may have during temperature measurement.

Conductive Pads

Conductive pads establish a specialized pathway for heat transfer between heat-generating components, heat sinks, and other cooling devices. These pads are a highly flexible and slightly adhesive silicone elastomer infused with thermally conductive ceramic particles. This unique composition facilitates improved thermal conductivity and exceptional insulation performance.

IV Securers

With a focus on delivering exceptional patient care, IV securers are meticulously designed to offer advanced catheter securement, extended wear time of up to 7 days, gentle removal, and effective moisture management.

Securing Safety with Cleanroom Facilities

ABLE’s cleanroom facilities align seamlessly with the stringent standards of the medical industry. We recognize that cleanliness is of utmost importance in this field, and our cleanroom environment plays a vital role in meeting these requirements. Maintaining a sterile atmosphere, devoid of moisture and particles, is crucial to prevent the growth of bacteria and mold when manufacturing medical devices.

We take great pride in our state-of-the-art cleanroom facilities at ABLE, enabling us to adhere to the industry’s rigorous standards throughout fabrication, assembly, and packaging. Our cleanroom facilities offer a wide range of capabilities, including high-speed rotary die cutting and flat-bed die cutting, material laminating, short-run productions, assembly, and packaging.

What sets ABLE apart is our expansive cleanroom workspace spanning over 1,200 square feet, ensuring ample room for precision operations. Additionally, our cleanroom facilities hold ISO-6 cleanroom and ISO-7 cleanroom certifications, showing our commitment to maintaining a pristine and hygienic environment.

Setting New Benchmarks: Collaborative Success in Exceeding Industry Standards

At ABLE, our commitment to providing exceptional solutions extends to our valuable partnerships in the medical industry. With a focus on meeting industry requirements, especially in pediatric applications, we collaborate with renowned companies like 3M and Rogers Corporation to deliver unparalleled results. Our partnerships with these industry leaders offer numerous advantages that we extend to our customers:

3M and Rogers Corporation are renowned for their contributions to the medical industry, offering diverse solutions. Their extensive product portfolio reinforces our ability to cater to various medical needs, from oral care and medical devices to health information systems, biopharmaceuticals, laser diode cooling, transdermal patches, and prosthetics. With our strong partnerships, we continue to be at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge solutions in the medical industry, particularly in pediatric applications.

At ABLE, our unwavering commitment to delivering superior products to our customers drives us to prioritize excellence in every aspect of our operations. We leave no stone unturned in ensuring that both the materials we use and the facilities we operate in are of the highest caliber. By doing so, we meet industry requirements and surpass them, setting new standards for quality and performance.

To provide the best converting solutions, we go above and beyond to understand our customers’ needs and deliver results that exceed their expectations. We recognize that meeting requirements are just the starting point, so we strive to offer our customers much more. By leveraging our expertise and capabilities, we provide tailored solutions that address their unique challenges and deliver exceptional outcomes.

Our focus on excellence extends across every facet of our business, ensuring that our customers receive nothing but the best. From top-notch materials to state-of-the-art facilities and innovative converting solutions, we are committed to delivering unparalleled quality and value.

Would you like to discover more? Reach out to us today, and we will be more than happy to provide you with our assistance.