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Meet the Skilled Experts Propelling Success – ABLE’s Exceptional Production Team

Welcome to ABLE, where precision die-cutting takes center stage in our cutting-edge production facilities. Precision die cutting is a sophisticated fabrication technique employed to carve out shapes from a spectrum of materials, ranging from adhesives and film to foam and rubber. This method stands as a pinnacle of efficiency, enabling the seamless production of customized parts in large quantities, all while adhering to stringent tolerance requirements.

As you venture into the heart of ABLE, you’ll uncover our state-of-the-art facilities. Our prowess extends beyond mere production; it’s a tailored experience tailored for diverse industries such as medical, aerospace, automotive, and electronics. The canvas of our capabilities spans wide, offering an unmatched blend of precision and proficiency.

At ABLE, we don’t just stop at die-cutting. We immerse ourselves in a world of possibilities, embracing cutting-edge techniques like laser cutting, kiss-cutting, and more. Why? Because we’re on a mission to meet and exceed the unique converted product needs of our esteemed customers.

Meet the Production Team at ABLE

Imagine a world where things are made with incredible precision and creativity, and where a special team is known for their exceptional skills in creating custom solutions. 

At the forefront of this craftsmanship is the Production Team, the powerhouse ensuring the smooth completion of custom converting projects. This team comprises skilled and talented craftsmen, engineers, and forward-thinkers who work together to create customized solutions, carefully addressing the distinct requirements of their clients.

We will delve into the world of ABLE Converting whose name resonates with excellence in custom converting. Together, we will explore the collaborative spirit, cutting-edge technology, and unwavering commitment that define the Production Team, shedding light on the artistry and precision that underlie every project they undertake. 

Let’s take a more detailed look at some of the important members of ABLE’s rotary production team:

Miguel Arreola

Miguel Arreola has been a vital part of ABLE’s growth for over 15 years. Miguel has accumulated lots of experience and knowledge through trial and error over the years as the lead operator in the rotary department. His expertise has been invaluable in guiding the development from a single rotary machine to the current seven machines.

Maria Martinez

Maria Martinez has seven years of expertise at ABLE and four years in the rotary department to handle specialized rotary die-cutting requirements. Maria began her career in packaging assembly and soon worked her way up to operating ABLE’s machines. Her experience makes her an invaluable resource for managing complex converting needs.

Juan Montalvo 

Juan Montalvo, who moved from the lamination department to the rotary team, contributes unique ideas and skills to handle two or more component lamination requirements. Juan, who has worked at ABLE for more than three years, contributes to the dynamic abilities of the production team.

Juana Martinez

Juana Martinez has demonstrated her dedication to development over her three years at ABLE, as evidenced by her progression from a medical assembly project to the rotary department. Juana, a quick learner with leadership ambitions, is looking forward to expanding her knowledge and contributing to ABLE’s position as a top supplier.

Fostering Success Through Employee Pride

Organizations such as ABLE are deeply committed to cultivating a strong sense of pride among their workforce, recognizing and celebrating individuals who play a crucial role in their accomplishments. The characteristics and traits demonstrated by these leaders go beyond just improving the overall team performance; they act as facilitators for nurturing continuous growth and stability within the company.

Your Solution, Our Commitment

ABLE’s commitment extends beyond its workforce to its customers. Dedicated to delivering the finest converting solutions, we provide custom-tailored services and products to meet the unique needs of each project. With a team of skilled specialists and engineers, ABLE ensures that our converting solutions align seamlessly with the requirements of our clients.

Our manufacturing staff serves as proof of the company’s commitment to quality and accuracy in die-cutting. ABLE is a trustworthy partner for industries with a wide range of demanding needs because of its team’s continuous commitment to providing excellent converting solutions as they grow and evolve.