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ABLE Converting: Preferred Partnerships and Why They Matter in the Industry

ABLE Converting Preferred Partnerships and Why They Matter in the Industry

As a leading converting contractor, ABLE makes it a point to provide our customers with only the best products in the converting industry. That said, we ensure that the materials we use are of the highest quality, and what better way to do so than to partner with some of the best brands to do just that?

In this article, learn more about the ABLE partnerships that help make us the best converting contractor in the business.

What is a Preferred Partnership and Why Does it Matter?

In the converting industry, a preferred partnership usually refers to an agreement between a materials manufacturer and another company, such as a converting contractor, they allow to on-sell its products. In this sense, there are a few requirements or prerequisites that the company or converting contractor must meet to qualify as a preferred partner. Seeking out a materials manufacturer is a lengthy task that can be costly to change. This is why a healthy collaboration between a converting contractor and a materials manufacturer can help both ensure product quality and product development and enhance other business dealings.

With that, there is much value in partnering with a materials manufacturer. Here are five reasons why becoming having a preferred partnership matters in the converting industry: 

Access to New Opportunities

Converting contractors reduce or eliminate any challenges and risk in exploring new markets and producing new industrial materials. Those with preferred partnerships can rest easily as they have a partner handling the bulk of local work. 

Wider Geographic Support

Converting materials manufacturers are global in scope. As such, preferred partnerships with a material manufacturer can help brands—especially those with a foothold in the global market— expand to where they would like to do business in. Often, the preferred partner already has rapport with local customers and resources available and ready. 

Better Time to Market and Increase Delivery 

Having a preferred partner not only improves the time to market but it also decreases the effort that goes into converting products. This way, we can meet deadlines without hassle. Furthermore, having international partners also allows a converter to reduce shipping requirements.

Greater Resource Availability

Having a partnership with a materials manufacturer provides for access to new resources, opportunities, and technologies that the parent company might not have. That said, both companies will be able to help and support each other by providing a mutual exchange of materials and access to the latest technology available to either company.

Achieve Higher Quality Industrial Products 

Preferred partnerships is a great way for organizations to improve their industrial products and services. Both companies can help each other grow further and achieve industrial products of the highest quality. 

3 Benefits of ABLE Partnerships

ABLE has its fair share of partnerships as a preferred converter in the industry. Because of our preferred partnerships with top manufacturers of the materials industry, we unlock perks and benefits that our customers can also enjoy. For example:


We can provide the best pricing in the market and allow our customers to save more. This way, we can offer our customers the best products at the best price, so they don’t have to worry or overthink the cost of getting the material they need.


As a preferred converter, ABLE is one of the first in line for shipments and new products that our partners release. We, in turn, pass this on to our customers to ensure that we can use the best converting materials for their custom products. 

Technical Expertise

Many challenges may come in the converting industry, and we want to ensure that we are equipped for them—not just with materials but also in how we can better serve our customers. As a preferred converter, we have direct access to our partners’ staff engineers so we can help to crack even your toughest design challenges. Further, we receive regular training sessions from them which, in turn, help us to serve you better as a converting contractor.

ABLE Partnerships: The Top Material Manufacturers in the Industry

ABLE is proud to partner with some of the best material manufacturers in the industry. With their help, we can take our business in custom materials converting to new heights and source better products that will inevitably help our customers. With our partners, we provide only the best materials for our customers. 

Our partners include 3M, Rogers Corporation, Laird, and Saint-Gobain. With their support, we can supply our customers with the custom materials they need at the best prices and in the highest quality.

As a preferred converter, our partnerships allow us to access some of the core converting materials that we use to create the parts that our customers need. Several of the core materials that we use at ABLE include:

Preferred Partnerships: Talk To Us About Them

Are you interested to know more about how our preferred partnerships help us in our business? You can talk to us about it in person! 

ABLE will be at the MD&M West Trade Show 2023 from February 7 to 9 at the Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA. We’ll be at Booth# 3091, Exhibit Halls A-E. You can drop by our booth, and we can help you understand what our preferred partnerships mean for us and for our customers in the converting industry. 

Our team will be glad to assist you if you want to know more about these partnerships and how they help us to achieve the best products possible.