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Elevating Aerospace: Vibration Insulation Solutions by ABLE and Collaborative Partners

Aerospace vibration insulation solutions are critical for ensuring the safety, reliability, and comfort of air travel. ABLE, in collaboration with industry-leading partners like Saint-Gobain and Rogers Corporation, plays an important role in developing and providing cutting-edge vibration insulation solutions customized to the aerospace industry. 

These partnerships, which make use of specialized knowledge in advanced materials and custom converting solutions, produce cutting-edge products that minimize undesired vibrations in aircraft systems and structures, lowering the possibility of structural fatigue and eventual failure. ABLE and its partners play an important part in the overall efficiency and success of the aerospace industry by providing safer, more reliable, and smoother air travel experiences through the improvement of passenger comfort, the performance of onboard systems, and the improvement of critical equipment functionality.

The Role of Vibration Insulation in Aerospace Engineering

Vibration insulation is paramount in aerospace engineering, involving techniques to minimize unwanted vibrations in aircraft structures and systems. It is essential to maintain the dependability, comfort, and safety of air travel.  By reducing the transmission of vibrations originating from engines, aerodynamic forces, or other sources, vibration insulation helps prevent structural fatigue and potential failure, thus safeguarding the integrity of aircraft components. Additionally, it enhances the performance of onboard systems by minimizing disturbances caused by vibrations, thereby optimizing the functionality of important equipment like avionics and navigation systems. In the end, vibration insulation improves operating reliability, comfort, and safety, which helps to make air travel more successful and efficient overall.

ABLE’s Industry-Leading Partners for Vibration Insulation Solutions 

ABLE collaborates with industry-leading partners such as Rogers Corporation for BISCO® Silicone, PORON®, and Saint-Gobain to deliver advanced vibration insulation solutions tailored to the aerospace industry’s unique requirements. Leveraging expertise in custom converting solutions and cutting-edge materials, this collaboration provides numerous kinds of products including elastomeric materials, silicone foams, tapes, and rubbers. These solutions offer exceptional resistance to compression, vibration damping, and impact absorption, ensuring the durability, performance, and safety of aerospace systems. Through this partnership, ABLE and its collaborators continue to innovate and deliver high-quality vibration insulation solutions that uphold the highest standards of safety, reliability, and comfort in air travel.

Rogers Corp Vibration Insulation Solutions

Rogers Corp specializes in advanced vibration insulation solutions customized for aerospace applications, effectively dampening vibrations to enhance component durability and meet strict industry standards, ultimately contributing to improved safety and efficiency in air travel.

Saint-Gobain Vibration Insulation: Tape Solutions

Saint-Gobain specializes in providing tape solutions tailored for aerospace vibration insulation. These tapes are meticulously engineered using high performance ensuring durability and resilience against environmental factors. With precise design and innovative materials, Saint-Gobain’s tape solutions meet the strict standards of the aerospace industry, effectively dampening vibrations and providing insulation in critical aircraft components and systems. Collaborating with partners like ABLE, Saint-Gobain continues to develop cutting-edge solutions that enhance the safety, reliability, and comfort of air travel.


ABLE’s aerospace vibration insulating solutions, supported by cutting-edge materials and technologies developed by industry-leading partners, are an excellent example of how industry experts can work together effectively. When these companies come together, they provide a wide variety of products and services to satisfy the different needs of aerospace manufacturers. 

The aerospace industry’s changing demands for improved performance, safety, and sustainability are met by ABLE and its partners through customized converting solutions. Our partnerships with Saint-Gobain and Rogers Corp. provides creative vibration insulation solutions that are specifically suited to the demands of the aerospace industry. ABLE’s solutions enhance the dependability, comfort, and safety of air travel by reducing unwanted vibrations in aircraft structures and systems, hence increasing the aerospace industry’s total efficiency and success.

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