Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to your most commonly asked questions. Whether you’re a longtime ABLE customer or scoping out your next custom converter partner, answers to your questions are just a phone call away.

Custom projects call for custom pricing. For a detailed quote, give us a call or fill out the Online Form, and pass along the details of your plan.

To learn whether we have specific materials in stock, call us or complete the Online Form.

If you’ve been struggling to track down a particular material, talk to one of our materials specialists. We may be able to come up with a solution that doesn’t sacrifice quality or performance.

At ABLE, we pride ourselves on being fully transparent with our customers. That’s why we buck the trend and list out all shipping costs in our invoices and quotes.

Aside from that, we can tell you that price quotes will vary, depending on the shipment and the destination. Local deliveries may offer a price break.

Shelf life is an important consideration for materials. We can honor your shelf-life requirements to guarantee the quality of your custom parts.

At ABLE, we have the processes and abilities to certify your custom fabricated parts meet specific standards. Talk to your product specialist for details.

When it comes to die-cutting flexible materials, identifying the tolerance range that’s right for your part and project is an important consideration. Our knowledge of materials can help you identify the perfect range, so you can maintain performance and minimize waste. On the other end of the scale, ABLE can also ensure your custom project meets even the strictest tolerance requirements.
At ABLE Industries, we fabricate custom products from flexible materials. Check out our Capabilities section for full details.

Have additional questions? We have answers!