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ABLE Industrial Products, Inc.: Your Reliable 3M Preferred Converter

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Excellence and Credibility – these are the qualities that every business wants to achieve or at least partner with other organizations that possess these traits. In the converting industry, being honored as a 3M preferred converter is the cream of the crop. It signifies to the world that a converter deeply understands the industry leader, and the industry leader trusts them. Many 3M preferred converter companies are providing excellent services and credibility to their customers all around the world. But first, let’s define its importance and why customers should care about this recognition.

What Is a 3M Preferred Converter Company?

3M is an American multinational conglomerate operating in the fields of industry, worker safety, health care, and consumer goods in the US. The company is known for its culture of innovation and investment in research and development which has resulted in the invention of many new products and technology for both the industrial and consumer markets. 3M also developed various business conduct standards for their suppliers in areas such as the environment, workplace health & safety, and human resources. 3M’s standards continue to develop in response to rapidly changing social perspectives on the proper role of international organizations and their major role in refining the global supply chain industry.

3M is constantly connected to the world’s best converters, often sharing and allocating new technology and receiving feedback on it. The trust level is very high that the company may offer new products to a converting company with the full blessing of using it in whatever possible applications they can. Whatever the resources and materials, 3M has confidence and trust that the converter will manufacture a quality product. Plus, 3M also receives loyalty. So, many 3M preferred converter companies attain the following benefits:

Moreover, not all 3M partners are recognized as preferred converters. This is the highest status any 3M partners can attain. 3M preferred converter companies earned their recognition by creating a strong relationship with 3M, and consistently surpassing others in customer service, with established expertise in both 3M products and converting capabilities. Many 3M preferred converter companies need to support organic 3M growth, reduce costs, expand 3M productivity and either reduce 3M’s working capital demands or increase 3M’s cash flow. They will be expected to demonstrate consistent improvement in each of these areas and to follow very specific guidelines to help deliver lower total costs.

ABLE Industrial Products, Inc.: Your Reliable 3M Preferred Converter

Being a 3M preferred converter, ABLE has access to the best quality materials on the market. It also means our capable team gets technical training and access to resources, so we can always lean on the experts at 3M to help us work through complex problems. We also get priority shipping. When you’re looking for 3M converter solutions, ABLE is ready. So how does being a 3M preferred converter help our customers? Check out these four points:

  1. Undeniable expertise

As a 3M partner, we know their latest products and technology. ABLE develops converting solutions for all manufacturing and product concerns. We can easily come up with the right solutions to meet your growing converting needs.

  1. Cost Efficiency

Another advantage of being a 3M preferred converting company is that we also have access to the most competitive pricing 3M has to offer, which enables us to offer our customers the best pricing for their converting projects.

  1. Quick Response Time

We often stock a substantial amount of 3M converting solutions and products, which means there’s a good chance that we’ve got all you need anytime, anywhere. ABLE has faster access to 3M inventory so our customers can get their parts delivered more quickly than other converting companies.

  1. Constant Innovation

3M is known for its research and development team. It has set the standard for continuous product innovation for years, and as a 3M preferred converting company, we have access to the latest technology. It means that our customers can also get their latest technology instantly.

Furthermore, ABLE is one of the few converting companies that earned the recognition of becoming a 3M preferred converting company. It means our partnership with 3M gives you access to their industrial portfolio and our custom converting solutions can enhance your projects.

Are you still wondering how we can help bring your converting projects to life? Talk to us now! At ABLE, we provide custom converting through collaboration & problem-solving. As a 3M preferred converting company, we make sure to take your project over the finish line by getting the latest technology to advance our capacity to innovate and fabricate. So, what are you waiting for? Request a quote now!


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