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ABLE’s Custom Converting Solutions for the Aerospace Industry

ABLE’s Custom Converting Solutions for the Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry is booming – as it is now worth $899.5 Billion in 2022. Experts also estimate that the industry will achieve exponential growth in trillions by 2030. However, many aerospace companies are always defied to get more out of fewer materials while continually increasing quality, performance, and safety. Airlines are also struggling and looking to reduce or restructure their fleet, and deliveries of new equipment are dropping. To overcome these ongoing challenges, many custom converting solutions for the aerospace industry are becoming more visible and essential. Current delays, shortages, and price instabilities in supply chains have also made the prospect of custom converting solutions in the aircraft interiors industry more attractive than ever. 

Why aerospace companies should invest in converting solutions? Below are some of the benefits of custom converting solutions for the aerospace industry:

ABLE’s Custom Converting Solutions for the Aerospace Industry

From sound and vibration dampening to thermal management, ABLE’s custom converting solutions for the aerospace industry can help you solve your most complex problems. 

ABLE’s Aerospace Solutions

Flame Retardant Materials 

Flame retardant materials are designed to resist burning and withstand heat. One of the most significant benefits of flame-retardant materials in the aerospace industry is that they prevent sparks that transforming into large flames. Flame retardants can also retain high temperatures thus enabling them for aerospace applications that require high-temperature resistance in space.

High-Temperature Tape & Films

High-temperature tapes & films are used in a variety of ways to mask temperature, keep out moisture, and create essential bonds. These aerospace solutions can protect hoses, wires, and cables, as well as seal cargo areas with flame-retardant flames. High-temperature tapes & films can also moisture barrier to secure seams in air conditioning, duct, and air handling systems.

EMI/RFI Shielding

In the converting industry, electronic interference in aircraft comes from safety systems, fly-by-wire systems, and even electronic devices carried by passengers. EMI-shielding gaskets can shield mission-critical missile systems from various radio frequency interferences. On the other hand, RFI-shielding solutions help make aircraft less susceptible to damage from lightning strikes. 

Vibration Insulating

Vibration isolation is a commonly used method for reducing or overturning unwanted vibrations in structures and machines. It is also important for aerospace and aeronautical-based converting solutions since excessive vibration of equipment and motors also produce unwanted noise.

Light Shields

In the aerospace industry, light shields are designed to protect operators from ultraviolet and visible light while allowing clear visibility of curing parts. Light shields are also part of the flood lamp light-curing system and provide 360° of protection so the operator can safely observe objects in the curing process.

Fine Line Masking

Fine line masking offers various levels of heat resistance with clean removal for use in industrial applications such as in the aerospace industry. It can also withstand heat and deliver crisp, fine-line edges, resistance to moisture and solvents, and excellent performance in challenging applications.


Aircraft insulation is very essential because it offers a range of functions other than climatic and temperature management. Insulating in the aerospace industry enhances the plane’s acoustic, thermal, fire-resistance, anti-vibration, and electrical insulation capabilities.

Sound Dampening

Sound damping removes vibration energy from a structure or system by eliminating the dynamic stresses associated with vibration. In the aerospace industry, installing appropriate sound-damping measures ultimately adds to the wear or fatigue life of structural or machine components.

General Sealing, Mounting & Holding

Sealing solutions can stand aggressive chemicals including jet fuels, hydraulic fluids, solvents/degreasers, and engine lubricants. Mounting and holding solutions can connect the engine to the main body or frame of the aircraft. It also serves various purposes such as connecting the engine with the fuselage, suppressing the vibrations of the engine, and distributing them safely to the whole aircraft structure for a smooth flight.

Furthermore, the aerospace industry has a lot of work ahead, but there is still plenty of time to start adopting these custom converting solutions. These converting solutions can help increase efficiency and productivity in the aerospace industry, making it easier for companies to keep up with rising demand and other variables such as the global pandemic.

Are you looking for the best custom converting solutions for the aerospace industry? ABLE is definitely your perfect choice. We provide top-of-the-line converting solutions tailored to your needs. Interested? Talk to us today! We’re excited to help you.

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