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ABLE Converting Contractor: The Key People Behind the Company

ABLE Converting Contractor

The key people behind a converting contractor are employees who keep your business running. They are the best people whom employers prioritize their resources because their skills and expertise bring added value to the organization. All successful converting companies have a comprehensive management structure with a clear division of labor between senior executives who take the overall responsibility and maintain high standards while providing effective guidance about the overall policies and business strategies. At the same time, mid-level supervisors and managers monitor operations on a day-to-day basis. The key to longevity and success begins and ends with managing your key players in today’s competitive business environment.

ABLE Converting Contractor: The Key People Behind the Company

If a converting contractor provides the best converting solutions to their clients, then their key players must possess the best characteristics and traits in order to come up with the best strategies to produce impeccable converting solutions in the long run. There are five essential characteristics of a key player in a converting company.

  1. Collaborative

Collaborations are the main ingredient of success. When key players have no difficulty going outside their comfort zone and collaborating with their co-employees, they have the potential to create the best strategies and solutions for their converting company’s operations. 

  1. Competitive

These key players play to win and will stop at nothing to be the best in their respective business functions. They are willing to explore ideas and concepts that some are too afraid to consider even executing. In the converting industry, key players look out for their employees by challenging them to go beyond their comfort zones and create the best converting solutions.

  1. Self-discipline

Self-disciplined essential employees know how to keep their priorities in check. They don’t need much supervision as they are not wasting their time fulfilling responsibilities and accomplishing their tasks. In a custom converting company, key players who possess self-discipline are 100% focused and determined to get the best results.

  1. Optimistic

Optimistic key players possess a resourceful nature where they can take both sides of any situation and develop a strategic plan for the best outcome. Instead of focusing on the negative side, these key players brainstorm right away on new strategies for making improvements and developments. They also support their co-workers by spreading positivity.

  1. Honest

Key players don’t mince words or beat around the bush to boost the development of their employees and of the converting company. Although they possess an honest attitude, they also provide constructive criticisms to avoid anyone harboring negative feelings towards each other. They also bring this attitude into their day-to-day practice as work in correspondence to their core values.

The Key Personnel Behind ABLE Inc.

At ABLE, we take pride in our people because they provide the expertise and knowledge in producing the best converting solutions suitable for our client’s needs. Our experienced engineers, product specialists, and converting technicians are here to create a converting solution suitable for our clients all around the world. Here are three of ABLE’s best:

Armida Ruiz, Application Specialist

Armida is one of the application specialists in sales engineering. As an application specialist, she visits customers, troubleshoots a lot of their problematic applications, and comes up with effective solutions for them. For instance, Armida visits and meets with engineers. They share an application with which they need assistance. Then, Armida will provide solutions, samples, and technical expertise to help these engineers with their problematic applications. 

Courtney Saldivar, Production Manager

As ABLE’s production manager, Courtney directs the production team and oversees the customer service, quoting/estimation, and job planning areas. She has mentioned that ABLE is versatile and can adapt to any situation: for example, during the pandemic, the company adjusted and switched gears to increase support to the medical field. Courtney added that ABLE is able to move effectively from one field to another and support new applications in various industries that are coming to the company and needing assistance. 

Javier Arriola, Planner and Scheduler

Working at ABLE for more than seven years, Javier handles job planning and scheduling for various locations throughout Mexico and the USA. Additionally, he will handle sales and customer service functions for many of his customers. Javier visits customers to discuss their converting needs, providing them with quotes, samples, and technical expertise to bring to fruition their applications. On occasion, he will even work alongside machine operators to convert materials for his customers. 

Converting companies like ABLE would not be where they are without the help of their key employees. The specific characteristics and various strengths of these leaders are what enable them to go beyond what is expected of a normal worker. They also contribute immensely to the growth and stability of the company. In order to easily develop the right key players, every converting company should maintain a strong relationship with their employees. 

Are you looking for the best converting solutions? We’ve got you covered. ABLE is home to some of the best personnel in the converting industry. We offer top-of-the-line converting solutions tailored to your needs. Interested? Talk to us today! We’re excited to help you.