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ABLE: Redefining Standards as a Leading Aerospace Converting Company

ABLE Aerospace converting company

ABLE Inc. is a leading provider of innovative converting solutions across various industries. As a leading aerospace converting company, ABLE is dedicated to providing material conversion of the highest quality, most effective, and efficient to satisfy the various needs of its clients. The aerospace converting industry focuses on transforming raw materials into highly specialized components that enhance the performance, safety, and reliability of aerospace systems.

Aerospace converting solutions are essential for improving the efficiency and sustainability of aerospace parts by reducing weight and enhancing durability. Aerospace businesses can save a lot of money and keep their competitive advantages in the market by using advanced converting methods.

ABLE Inc.: Leading the Way in Custom Converting Solutions

Founded in 1974 by Harold Martinez, ABLE Inc. has established itself as a provider of custom converting solutions across multiple industries. Throughout its history, the company has consistently met the challenges faced by its customers, leveraging a diverse array of materials and capabilities to ensure successful project outcomes and fostering repeat business relationships.

Key Milestones and Achievements:

ABLE’s Aerospace Converting Solutions

Flame retardant materials

Flame retardant materials are critical in the aerospace industry for preventing the spread of fire and withstanding high temperatures. It helps protect sensitive components from potential fire damage, ensuring the safety and reliability of aerospace systems.


High-Temperature Tape & Films

High-temperature tapes and films are essential for masking, sealing, and protecting components exposed to extreme temperatures. To ensure the integrity and functionality of aerospace components in harsh environments.

List of High-Temperature Tape & Films:

EMI/RFI Shielding

EMI/RFI shielding solutions protect aerospace electronics from electromagnetic and radio frequency interference, ensuring the reliability and safety of critical systems.


Vibration Insulating

Vibration insulating materials reduce unwanted vibrations in aerospace structures and machinery, minimizing noise and extending the lifespan of components.


Light Shields

Light shields protect operators from ultraviolet and visible light while allowing clear visibility during the curing process, ensuring safety and efficiency in aerospace manufacturing.


Fine Line Masking

Fine line masking materials provide heat resistance and clean removal, delivering precise, fine-line edges for use in challenging aerospace applications.



Insulation materials enhance acoustic, thermal, fire-resistance, anti-vibration, and electrical insulation capabilities, offering comprehensive protection for aerospace components.


Sound Dampening

Sound dampening solutions eliminate vibration energy from structures, reducing noise and enhancing the durability of aerospace components.


General Sealing, Mounting & Holding

Sealing, mounting, and holding solutions ensure the structural integrity and smooth operation of aerospace systems, withstanding harsh chemicals and environmental conditions.


ABLE Inc. as an Aerospace Converting Company

ABLE Inc., as an aerospace converting company, brings decades of experience and deep expertise to the aerospace converting industry. ABLE was founded in 1974 and has since developed continually to satisfy the demanding needs of the aerospace industry by utilizing cutting-edge materials and innovative converting techniques. The company has several recognized certificates that certify its compliance with legal and industry standards:

ABLE’s success in the aerospace converting industry is supported by collaborations with leading companies known for their technological advancements and high-quality materials such as 3M, Rogers Corporation, Laird, and Saint-Gobain. In addition to increasing ABLE’s position in the aerospace industry, these partnerships and certifications demonstrate the company’s dedication to quality, innovation, and continuous growth.

In conclusion, ABLE’s expertise in customized production and innovative materials engineering sets it apart and became one of the leading aerospace converting company. Through the use of collaborative relationships and dedication to standard practices, ABLE provides high-performance solutions for important aerospace problems. Their dedication to quality and innovation guarantees improved durability, safety, and effectiveness for aerospace components, enhancing their standing as a reliable company in the industry.

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