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ABLE’s Automotive Solutions: Partnering With the Best to Address Vibration Management

ABLE’s Automotive Solutions Partnering With the Best to Address Vibration Management

There is an endless pursuit of tougher, lighter, and sleeker technology solutions in the automotive industry. ABLE aims to assist our clients in innovating their products with access to the best materials available in the market to help achieve the performance their consumers expect and more. With our preferred partners, we can continuously assist our clients in finding solutions to their challenges. 

One of the many challenges that we aim to address is vibration management. In many industries, especially in automotives, the vibration should be controlled to remove the risk of damaging delicate components and reduce noise. 

In this article, we’ll walk you through the automotive solutions we offer in collaboration with our partners to provide our customers with the best automotive solutions in vibration management. 

Automotive Challenges: Vibration Management 

Vibration Management is a key factor in designing products that are usually focused on the industrial, consumer goods, and transportation markets. In automotives, this is crucial to eliminate annoying noise to protect the vehicle’s delicate components. 

Our partners have come up with different products and solutions to address these challenges, and they are as follows:


Saint-Gobain is very active in the transportation market; they have products that can be used in the automotive, aerospace, and railroad sectors, among others. The company also designs and supplies tolerance rings and bearings designed to improve vehicle performance while reducing vibrations, noise, and weight. 

Saint-Gobain provides a few solutions for automobiles, but when it comes to vibration management, they highlight lightweight glazing as it provides users with thermal, visual, and acoustic comfort. The company has numerous brands to address problems but they also highlight their solution-based approach tailored towards their clients’ needs. 

The company also aims to reduce the industry’s environmental footprint by downstreaming solutions and curving CO2 emissions which reduce energy consumption, weight, and vibration.


3M separates acoustic and vibration management into two main areas: structure-borne and air-borne noise. 

Structure-borne noise is when mechanical vibration energy is generated by a certain product and travels throughout it and the materials it comes into contact with. 3M solves this in three ways: 

On the other hand, air-borne noise results from the interaction of air and a vibrating surface. The three ways provided by 3M to tackle air-borne noise aim to prevent rattling, squeaking, and buzzing include:

The company has a couple of solutions and technologies that aim to tackle the six areas of vibration management including: 

With 3M’s technology, it’s possible to address different forms of vibration and find solutions to them to provide automotive solutions. 

Rogers Corporation

Rogers showcases a broad portfolio of solutions that address noise abatement, vibration damping, and vibration isolation. These solutions include their PORON Polyurethane and BISCO Silicone lines used as vibration isolators. 

Both BISCO Silicone and PORON Polyurethane can exhibit good vibration damping, impact absorption, and high resiliency while providing excellent resistance to compression. Both product lines can deflect vibrations over a period of time. They also stabilize various environments, making them ideal choices for vibration isolators in a broad spectrum of applications. 

The products that under Rogers that address vibration management include but are not limited to:

Rogers Corporation has a wide array of products that tackle vibration management for automobiles and other transportation needs. Depending on your automotive challenge and apart from vibration management, they also offer solutions for battery vibration isolation, electronics vibration damping, and sound blocking, among others. 

ABLE’s Automotive Solutions: Partnering With the Best to Address Vibration Management 

Along with our partners, ABLE continuously help our clients address their challenges with automotive solutions that can help them address most applications in the industry, not just vibration management.

We work hand-in-hand with our partners, Saint-Gobain, Rogers, and 3M, to provide our clients with the best possible solutions to their challenges. With our partners, we’re able to advise our clients more adequately and provide them with multiple solutions to help them with their innovations. 

Interested in learning more about vibration management and automotive solutions? Talk to us today, and we’ll be more than happy to assist you in finding the right solutions for your challenges.