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BISCO Silicone: Providing Industry Leading, High-Performance Cushioning Solutions

BISCO Silicone Providing Industry Leading, High-Performance Cushioning Solutions

Silicone is a product widely used in different markets for various uses, ranging from sealing to gasketing applications. Rogers BISCO offers a wide range of materials produced in roll stock. These include solid, cellular, and specialty materials that are ready to be fabricated for their intended uses. 

At ABLE, we work hand-in-hand with our partners to provide customers with innovative solutions to the challenges they might be facing. One of the more common applications is cushioning, as it is present in many markets, including medical and transportation.

Cushioning is one of the applications where Rogers BISCO performs best. In this article, we’ll be walking you through BISCO silicones and what they have to offer. 

Rogers Cushioning: Protection, Comfort, and Durability 

Cushioning is essential for a variety of industries. Any cushioning and padding application must provide protection from stress and shock, enhance comfort, and ensure reliability. For cushioning to be effective, it would need to provide customer comfort, manage impact energy, and withstand the effects of compression. 

For a cushioning material to be effective, it should exhibit high resiliency, impact absorption, and good vibration damping while offering a range of thickness and firmness options that are easy to use. Here are some of the areas that Rogers’ cushioning solutions aim to tackle:

Shock Absorption

Customer experience also plays a big role when providing cushioning solutions, as the right material contributes to an optimal customer experience. Rogers engineers materials that do just the thing by providing resistance to shock with strong yet lightweight materials. Materials like BISCO Silicone also do not break down with continual use, making it a great fit for industries like medicine and transportation.

Cushioning Resilience and Compressibility

BISCO materials work great for cushioning applications since they have excellent compression set resistance. The materials can also deliver long-term cushioning, which reduces noise and vibration, maintains consumer comfort, and keeps components secure. 

Long-Term Cushioning Durability

High-quality cushioning materials should be able to resist compression over time; it mustn’t take a set or lose its spring force over an extended period. BISCO Silicone foams are a great example, since they provide first-rate resistance to compression sets while exhibiting excellent physical properties and cushioning characteristics when compressed. 

Meeting Industry Standards

Rogers provides cushioning solutions that are non-fogging, low-outgassing, and contain no residual chemicals or plasticizers that may contaminate devices. This is essential as these are industry standards that have to be met. Materials produced by Rogers Corporation for this use provide consistent performance certified by the Underwriters Laboratory (UL). 

BISCO Silicone is one of the solutions that Rogers Corporation offers in terms of cushioning and padding. It can tackle different applications because of its superior performance characteristics and its variety of available product types.

BISCO Silicones: An Industry Leader in Cushioning Solutions

Rogers has a wide range of materials for cushioning and padding materials, but one of the more popular products is its BISCO Silicone line.

As a world leader in silicone foams, BISCO Silicone is trusted for its superior performance, variety of uses, and the Rogers technical service team that supports it. There are a couple of benefits to using BISCO Silicone materials, including the following:

Additionally, apart from cushioning solutions and applications, BISCO Silicones also work with the following industries, proving its superb performance:

Industry Leading and High-Performance Cushioning Solutions with BISCO Silicones

BISCO Silicone has a wide range of high-performance materials that are either cellular, solid, or specialty. They are ready to be fabricated into products that best suit the customer’s needs. 

There are four product categories under BISCO Silicones:

Cellular Silicone Foams 

This material is great for wide compression force range and low compression set under high temperatures. It can also handle a temperature range that goes from -55°C to + 200°C (-65°F to +400°F). Cellular Silicone Foams have a UL94 V-0 and HF1 certification for flame resistance. 

The products under Cellular Silicone Foams include:

Specialty Cellular Foams

This material is capable of heat reflection and can be placed in direct contact with a heat source. Additionally, these cellular foams can be cast onto high-performance substrates.

The products under this BISCO Silicone line are as follows:

Sponge Silicones 

Sponge Silicones are durable materials for general purpose and tough environments. Additionally, they meet BMS 1-23 and BMS 1-60 specifications.

The BISCO products under this line include: 

Solid Silicones

These materials are electrically conductive and are suitable for acoustic barriers. They also havean available durometer range between 10 to 70.

The BISCO Silicone products under this line are the following:

At ABLE, we make it a point to provide our customers with only the best materials possible. That’s why we partner with only the best to ensure we can deliver high-quality products. BISCO Silicone is just one of the many materials we work with to ensure that we can provide cushioning solutions to challenges that our clients might be facing. 

We ensure that we can meet and exceed industry standards with the products and services we provide. 

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