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ABLE’s Custom Converting Solutions for the Medical Market

ABLE’s Custom Converting Solutions for the Medical Market

Medical device manufacturing is becoming one of the vibrant industries with applications running the gamut from new wearable technologies to wound care solutions. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are always looking for converting companies that can bring strong expertise and capabilities to the table. This includes a deep understanding of the latest medical materials and proficiency in specialized finishing methods. Custom converting solutions for the medical market are also on the rise with demands from various OEMs and medical device manufacturers. Medical device developers also want to collaborate with converting partners to help them in choosing the right material for new medical wearable applications. Because of the intimacy between these devices and the patient’s body, these wearables need to be constructed of skin-friendly adhesives and materials with extended-wear functionality. 

Why medical device manufacturing companies should invest in converting solutions? Below are some of the benefits of custom converting solutions for the medical market:

ABLE’s Custom Converting Solutions for the Medical Market

ABLE can help you identify the right stick-to-skin adhesives, films, and other medical-grade materials that meet and exceed industry requirements and make your medical device a reality. 

ABLE’s Medical Market Solutions

Stress Monitors

Stress monitors are devices that monitor physiological stress indicators. Most of these devices focus on the heart. With a medical-grade material, stress monitors can also use as heart rate monitors to track beats per minute.

Diagnosis Strips

A diagnostic strip is a commonly used medical device in the clinical analysis of urine and blood, in particular for monitoring glucose concentration. The results are obtained instrumentally or visually as thresholds and quantitative outputs.

Skin Contact Devices

In the medical converting materials industry, skin contact devices are becoming more and more popular for such applications as a means of delivering drug therapies (transdermal drug delivery systems), health diagnostics, and continuous health monitoring.

Pediatrics & Neonatal Products

Pediatric and neonatal patients need critical and specific medical devices compared to adults because of their unique needs. A medical converting company provides pediatric and neonatal products that have no age-related limitations and can be used for both pediatric and neonatal patients.

ECG & Diagnostic Pads

ECG and diagnostic pads are small medical devices placed on the body to detect the electrical activity of the heart. These medical devices are placed on the body and connected to wires that lead into an ECG machine (electrocardiograph), which displays the information on a bedside monitor and/or prints it.

Conductive Pads

Conductive pads are designed to provide a preferential heat transfer path between heat-generating components, heat sinks, and other cooling devices. The pads consist of a highly conformable and slightly tacky silicone elastomer with thermally conductive ceramic particles, which help in providing enhanced thermal conductivity and excellent insulation performance.

IV Securers

IV securers are designed to deliver exceptional patient care by providing advanced catheter securement, 7-day wear time, gentle removal, and excellent moisture management.

Probe Covers

Probe covers are designed to cover the probe of the infrared thermometer in order to prevent it from being contaminated by any aural infection the patient might have at the time the temperature is measured. 

Surgical & Dental Masks

Surgical and dental masks can achieve efficient filtration, resistance to fluids, pressure differential, and flammability. These masks create a hermetic seal against the skin and prevent the passage of particles, such as aerosols or splashes that may contain bacteria or viruses.

Surgical Kit Products

A surgical kit contains the instruments necessary for minor surgical procedures. It normally includes:

Surgical Drape Adhesives

Surgical drapes are manufactured using adhesive-coated, plastic film. Ostomy and continence device components involve a pouch assembly with double-coated tape that bonds to plastic film to deliver the necessary moisture barrier properties.

The medical device industry is growing steadily in today’s competitive world, and there is rapid expansion in the emerging medical wearables category. Medical device OEMs need converting partners who are responsive, effective, and offer quick-turn prototypes. They also look for converters who can comply with FDA and other regulatory requirements. Many converting companies can collaborate with medical materials suppliers to meet these needs.

Are you having a hard time finding the best custom converting solutions for the medical market? Maybe we can help. ABLE provides an innovative approach to manufacturing medical devices and components for specific applications in branches of medicine. Our ISO 13485 certification and a long list of prominent customers serve as a testament to our expertise and skills in the medical industry guidelines and requirements. Interested? Request a quote now!