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Enhance Efficiency with Precision Slitting & Spooling

ABLE Precision Slitting and Spooling Converting Solution

Precision slitting and spooling are vital in the converting industry, transforming bulk materials into specific sizes and shapes required for various applications. These processes are essential for creating custom solutions that meet precise specifications, thereby enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of production lines across numerous industries.

Understanding Precision Slitting and Spooling Capabilities

Precision Slitting

Precision slitting is the process of precisely cutting huge rolls of material into narrower, customized widths. This procedure is crucial for customizing materials to the precise measurements needed for different applications.


Spooling is the process of winding slit materials into larger rolls, combining multiple smaller rolls into one continuous roll. This process is typically used after slitting to create a large, manageable roll of material for easy handling and storage.

When to Use Spooling and Its Importance

Spooling is used when continuous material feed is essential, such as in electronics, textiles, and packaging, reducing roll changes and increasing productivity. Precision slitting is crucial for creating exact, narrow widths for industries like packaging and automotive, minimizing waste, and ensuring materials meet strict specifications.

Importance of Precision Slitting and Spooling in Various Industries

In various industries, precision slitting and spooling materials into desired sizes is essential to improving efficiency and reducing waste. These procedures are especially useful in the packaging, electronics, automotive, medical, and textile industries, as they ensure continuous operation, accurate measurements, and efficient use of resources. Slitting produces precise cuts suited to specific demands, whereas spooling enables continuous production with fewer interruptions. 

Introducing ABLE’s Precision Slitting Capabilities

Lathe Slitting

Lathe slitting, also referred to as log slitting, is the process of cutting a wide roll of material into smaller width rolls using a revolving blade. This method works well for making unique widths of materials like tapes and foams.

Process of Lathe Slitting:

Rewind Slitting

Rewind slitting is the process of unwinding a master roll of material, rewinding the thinner strips onto different cores, and cutting the material with various blades. This method works well with a wide range of flexible materials.

Process of Rewind Slitting:

Rotary Precision Slitting

Rotary precision slitting is the process of cutting sheet materials into exact, uniform pieces using a revolving cylindrical blade. Tight tolerances can be achieved with this procedure, especially when working with lightweight materials like foils and liners.

Process of Rotary Precision Slitting:

Bologna Slitting

Bologna slitting, also referred to as log slitting, is an advanced method that eliminates the necessity for unwinding and rewinding by cutting straight into a sizable roll of material. High precision is provided by this method of production using cuts guided by a laser.

Process of Bologna Slitting:

Materials ABLE Use for Precision Slitting

How ABLE’s Precision Slitting Sets You Apart: A Compelling Choice

Choosing ABLE for custom converting has various advantages because of our standing as 3M’s preferred converter company and innovative partnerships with other top companies in the market. This collaboration gives you priority access to high-quality products, ensuring that your projects use the best resources. Because of their expertise in technology and access to top companies’ extensive technical support, ABLE can offer precise and customized slitting solutions that are suited to your specific needs. Direct sourcing makes competitive pricing possible and guarantees cost-effective solutions without sacrificing quality. 

In addition, great precision and efficiency are made possible by ABLE’s advanced slitting capabilities, which lower waste and enhance overall production performance. All of these features make ABLE the best option, guaranteeing that your materials satisfy the highest requirements and that your manufacturing procedures function without any issues.

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