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Exploring Cutting-Edge Solutions with Quantaflex Printed Electronics

Quantaflex Printed Electronics with ABLE Converting Solutions

Printed electronics have advanced notably, enabling flexible and stretchable devices for wearables and IoT applications while revolutionizing energy harvesting and biomedical fields. They find diverse uses in environmental sensing, automotive, aerospace, smart packaging, and consumer electronics, facilitated by continuous improvements in printing technologies and substrate materials. Quantaflex emerges as an innovator in the printed electronics industry, promoting innovation and quality with a commitment to providing innovative products customized for various industries, and promoting more connected, sustainable solutions across industries.

Revolutionizing Manufacturing with Quantaflex Printed Electronics, Inc.

Quantaflex Printed Electronics Inc., based in Vineland, New Jersey, provides innovative electronic solutions including computerized CAD, film, and screen preparation capabilities, laminating, die cutting, laser cutting, and etching technologies ensuring streamlined and efficient manufacturing operations. Quantaflex, a company well-known for its dedication to quality and innovative methods, is an industry innovator in designing, developing, and producing innovative products, including graphic overlays, control panels, DC/AC inverters, membrane switches, and electroluminescent lamps.

Quantaflex offers a range of products, including:

Quantaflex Graphic Overlay

A graphic overlay serves as an important visual link between a product and its user, providing necessary instruction, brand identity, and protection for internal systems. Quantaflex’s Graphic Overlays are carefully created and manufactured to withstand the demanding requirements of modern electronic applications in a variety of industries. Graphic overlays are used in many industries, including manufacturing, consumer products, automotive, medical devices, consumer electronics, aerospace, telecommunications, and agriculture.


Silk Screen Printing

Quantaflex uses silk screen printing, a conventional yet highly effective technology that involves applying layers of ink to a surface using a tiny mesh screen. With this technique, long-lasting, precisely colored graphics that are dense and solid may be produced, making them ideal for use in industries. The silk screen method used by Quantaflex guarantees the accurate reproduction of complex patterns, offering clarity even in harsh environments.

Digital Press Printing

Quantaflex develops high-resolution graphics accurately and quickly by using cutting-edge digital technology in the digital press printing process. This technique is perfect for applications that need fine graphics and backlighting effects since it can print complex details, gradients, and transparent colors. By using digital press printing, Quantaflex can fulfill the needs of high-volume production runs with accuracy and consistency.

Quantaflex Membrane Switches

A membrane switch is a thin, multilayer flexible electronic circuit that provides a button-switch user interface, combining conductive ink, polyester substrates, and various structural technologies. Quantaflex’s Membrane Switches are engineered to deliver reliable and customizable front panel solutions for a diverse range of industries and applications.

Structural Technologies

Electroluminescent Lamps

Electroluminescent lamps, utilized by Quantaflex, are thin, flexible light sources that emit uniform illumination by exciting phosphors through an electric field, offering low power consumption and a flat, lightweight design. Widely applied in automotive instrument panels, signage, displays, and consumer electronics, Quantaflex’s Electroluminescent Lamps provide efficient and reliable lighting solutions for various applications.

DC/AC Inverters

Quantaflex’s DC/AC Inverters are essential electronic devices that convert direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC), enabling the operation of electronic systems and devices across diverse applications. With a focus on efficiency, reliability, and performance, Quantaflex’s inverters play an important role in powering electroluminescent lamps, providing a stable and consistent power supply for automotive lighting, portable electronics, medical devices, and other applications.

ABLE and Quantaflex Partnership Redefines Industry Standards

The collaboration between ABLE Inc. and Quantaflex brings together two leading companies in custom converting and printed electronics. The partnership intends to create improved solutions that satisfy the changing demands of clients across various industries by using their combined expertise and resources. Businesses may achieve their objectives more effectively and efficiently because of the combination of Quantaflex’s innovative printed electronics technology and ABLE Inc.’s expertise in custom converting solutions. ABLE and Quantaflex have a common dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, respective industries’ innovations, and offer their clients unparalleled value.

Quantaflex Printed Electronics, Inc. continuously leads the way in innovation by providing outstanding electronic solutions customized to meet the unpredictable needs of various industries. Quantaflex maintains its leading position in the industry using strategic partnerships, such as with ABLE Inc., guaranteeing unmatched reliability and client satisfaction. Quantaflex can influence the direction of electronic solutions by continuously pursuing innovation and committing to quality, thus creating higher standards for performance and quality within that industry.

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