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From Vision to Precision: ABLE Converting Solutions’ Custom Capabilities

ABLE Converting Solutions' Custom Capabilities

Collaborating with a custom converting partner has various advantages, including tapping into their expertise and material knowledge. Through close collaboration, a converting company can assist in identifying the most appropriate materials and converting solutions tailored to your unique requirements and applications. Outsourcing your converting needs can improve product quality, streamlined manufacturing processes, and cost savings.

To accomplish these objectives, it is vital to join forces with a reliable converter such as ABLE and adopt a cooperative approach to develop a customized converting solution.

Revolutionize Your Projects: ABLE Converting Solutions’ Custom Capabilities

In developing a production strategy for your custom converting project, ABLE prioritizes attaining top-tier outcomes with optimal efficiency, all while ensuring exceptional value for you. While die-cutting is a reliable method for precision cutting across diverse materials, ABLE’s expertise extends far beyond that. Here are several capabilities we provide to our valued customers:

Laser Cutting

ABLE Inc. offers laser cutting as a precise alternative to traditional methods involving custom metal dies or blades. The material undergoes laser beam heat, enabling special shaping and sizing according to specifications. Guided by computer programs, the laser achieves accurate results, allowing ABLE to support clients in achieving their desired outcomes through this technique.

Water-Jet Cutting

In custom converting, Water-Jet cutting is a widely used method employing pressurized water to shape materials. An abrasive substance can be added to the water solution to cut through tougher or thicker materials. ABLE provides water-jet cutting services capable of effectively shaping challenging materials such as thick foams and heat-resistant silicone.

Custom Die Cutting

Die cutting is a prevalent method in the converting industry, shaping materials like foams, rubbers, adhesives, and films into various forms. ABLE offers rotary die-cutting services, enabling the creation of diverse shapes from materials like adhesive-backed foam and film. This process is ideal for high-volume orders with tight tolerances, ensuring fast turnaround times.

Rapid Prototyping

ABLE’s rapid prototyping program produces die-cut prototypes that accurately reflect the final product’s specifications. This effective solution aids clients in meeting production deadlines by providing genuine prototypes of custom-converted parts.

3D Printing

ABLE’s 3D printing service offers a cost-effective and efficient solution for creating test samples and proof of concepts for your project’s production needs. Depending on the part’s complexity, ABLE can produce prototypes within as little as 48 hours of the request.

Horizontal Foam Cutting

In the foam converting industry, achieving precise thickness is crucial for project success. ABLE provides custom cutting services, ensuring accurate thickness and size before shaping. This is especially valuable when converting insulating shields for electronic devices or die-cut foam gaskets. With our horizontal foam cutting capabilities, ABLE can supply custom-sized foam sheets for various applications.

Custom Printed Tapes

ABLE Inc. enhances product aesthetics by offering two-color flexographic printing services. By printing 3M™ tape in different lengths and web widths and utilizing precision cutting and label customization, we create tailored solutions for any industry. Our printed tapes can feature removable instructions or unique design elements, making them versatile for various applications.

Lathe Slitting & Spooling

ABLE Inc. offers cost-effective solutions for non-standard widths of pressure-sensitive adhesive through lathe slitting, a commonly used method in the converting industry. This process creates customized rolls of tape that are not readily available from manufacturers.

Clean Fabrication Facilities

ABLE Inc. maintains cleanroom facilities meeting stringent industry standards. These facilities eliminate dust, particles, mold, and moisture, creating an ideal environment for fabricating, assembling, and packaging materials. Leveraging ABLE’s cleanroom manufacturing services ensures the production of high-quality, contaminant-free products from start to finish.

Router Knife Cutting

ABLE’s router knife cutting offers precise cutting solutions for various materials, including foams, foils, and paper. Utilizing the Zünd G3 flatbed cutter, we achieve near-perfect cuts on any material, using appropriate blades and tool components to suit specific needs.

Custom Laminating

ABLE’s custom lamination services play a crucial role in enhancing product functionality. Our technical professionals excel in lamination, assisting clients in achieving specific functions such as securing filters, providing insulation for electronic components, and safeguarding against moisture and particulates.

Collaborating with a seasoned custom conversion company allows you to harness their converting proficiency and blend it with various materials. This enhances both the functionality and appearance of your product.

Are you keen on discovering our converting capabilities? Don’t delay any further! ABLE is ready to assist you with your converting requirements. Contact us today!