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Setting New Benchmarks in the Medical Industry with ABLE Converting Solutions

Setting New Benchmarks in the Medical Industry with ABLE Converting Solutions

Among the sectors served by converting companies, the medical industry ranks one of the most exacting. This market segment adheres to highly specific standards and exacting requirements, making it challenging to identify a converter capable of guaranteeing quality.

Thankfully, ABLE is poised to assist you in creating high-quality medical devices. We achieve this by utilizing medical-grade materials that meet the industry’s stringent demands.

Surpassing Standards: ABLE Converting’s Medical Solutions

ABLE possesses the essential raw materials, design expertise, and capabilities to craft tailor-made components for solutions within the medical industry. Moreover, we excel in helping you identify the appropriate adhesives, films, and other medical-grade materials that meet and surpass industry standards.

Our commitment extends to aiding in constructing your medical devices, supplying you with top-quality medical-grade materials. Leveraging our extensive experience in the medical sector, we can offer innovative solutions to address any challenges you may encounter. Additionally, we ensure that you receive the best possible pricing for high-quality components.

Here’s a brief overview of some of the medical solutions where you’ll find our customized components:

Championing Safety: The Cleanroom Facilities at ABLE

Among ABLE’s extensive capabilities tailored to the medical industry, one of the most vital is our utilization of cleanroom facilities.

We recognize that the medical sector imposes stringent demands, with cleanliness being paramount. To manufacture medical devices, converters must maintain a sterile environment, free from moisture and particles, to prevent or impede the proliferation of bacteria and mold.

At ABLE, we take great pride in our cleanroom facilities, which play a pivotal role in fulfilling the industry’s exacting requirements throughout the entire process, from fabrication to assembly and, ultimately, to packaging. Within our cleanroom facilities, we provide the following capabilities:

Furthermore, ABLE takes pride in its expansive cleanroom environment, spanning over 1,200 square feet, along with ISO-6 cleanroom and ISO-7 cleanroom certifications that are hallmarks of impeccable cleanliness.

Going Beyond the Ordinary: Partnerships that Excel in Industry Standards

At ABLE, we hold our partnerships, cultivated over years of dedicated service, in high regard. These collaborations enable us to deliver tailored solutions to our customers that align with the industry’s exacting standards. To accomplish this, we exclusively forge alliances with industry leaders.

We are honored to be the preferred converters for renowned entities like Sekisui Kasei, 3M, and Rogers Corporation, which are highly regarded in the medical industry. Through these partnerships, we are better equipped to support our customers. As their preferred converters, we extend the following advantages to our customers:

Sekisui Kasei, 3M, and Rogers Corporation contribute significantly to the medical industry across various domains, encompassing oral care, medical solutions, health information systems, biopharmaceuticals, laser diode cooling, transdermal patches, and prosthetics.

ABLE is committed to ensuring that we deliver nothing short of the finest products to our customers. This is why we prioritize utilizing top-tier materials and state-of-the-art facilities in the industry, enabling us to meet and exceed industry requirements. Furthermore, we diligently ensure that our converting solutions yield optimal results for our customers, offering them precisely what they require and more.

Keen to learn more about what we can provide to the medical market? Contact us today, and we’ll be delighted to assist you further.