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PORON Medical Polyurethanes: Delivering Consistent Quality and Durability

PORON Medical Polyurethanes Delivering Consistent Quality and Durability

There are several materials which focus on medical cushioning and wound dressings. Healing is often faster if its dressings and cushioning can hinder infection, absorb impact, and retain shape.

At ABLE, we want to provide our customers with solutions that they can use to address any challenges they might be facing regarding cushioning and dressing. These solutions should address the healing process and reduce time to heal so as  to not add stress to the patients and medical professionals involved.

There are specific products and materials needed to ensure a speedy recovery that doesn’t take too much energy out of the patient. If a wound is not dressed or cushioned properly, it could be at risk for contamination and infection, affecting the healing process entirely. Fortunately, PORON Medical Polyurethanes provide the comfort, durability, and versatility that are needed when dealing with medical cushioning and wound dressing.

We will feature PORON Medical Polyurethanes and why this product line is among the best choices for medical applications.

PORON Medical Polyurethanes: Delivering Consistent Quality and Durability

PORON Medical Polyurethanes is an industry-standard biochemical support and cushioning. It is engineered to provide versatility, durability, and quality in prosthetic and orthopedic applications, including prosthetic padding, prefabricated orthotics, and custom orthotics. PORON Medical Technologies are engineered microcellular materials with superb compression set resistance, making them long-lasting and durable. 

PORON Medical Polyurethanes provides its users with the following benefits: 

PORON Medical Technologies: High, Consistent Performance and Comfort 

PORON Medical Technologies heavily focus on medical cushioning and wound dressings. Here’s an in-depth look at how PORON Medical Polyurethanes can work in the field:

Patient Cushioning 

PORON Medical Polyurethanes are designed for long-term use and comfort. It is a highly-resilient foam with a unique open-cell structure that is breathable and doesn’t break down with usage. 

Wound Dressing 

Medical dressing needs to be a reliable barrier from infection while providing the wearer with comfort and durability. Among the PORON Medical Technologies, the DermaBak line is designed and engineered to provide just that. It’s made with a low coefficient of friction, reducing any edge curling and possible snags that eliminate the threat of contamination. They also reduce the need for frequent dressing changes as they resist surface staining and soiling. These products are tested to meet the ISO 10993 standards for skin contact and are comfortable to the touch. 

Orthopaedic, Orthotic, and Prosthetic Cushioning

PORON Medical Polyurethanes are designed to provide a reliable and contoured fit that provides support (for stability and balance) and impact absorption. Notably, these materials have received the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) Seal of Acceptance as it benefits foot health; it is used in regular professional treatment and an applied daily foot care program.

PORON Medical Polyurethanes: Superb Medical Cushioning and Wound Dressing 

PORON Medical Polyurethanes focus on medical applications, especially wound dressing and medical cushioning. As such, the line has an extensive product offering geared towards the patient’s speedy recovery with its comfort and durability while preventing contamination or infection with its technology. 

As such, the product line features the following: 

Eager to learn more about PORON Medical Polyurethanes? ABLE can assist you in finding the most appropriate solution for you. Talk to us today, and one of our representatives will gladly assist you in finding the right products.