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Rogers Battery Pads & Cushions: Ensuring Safety, Protection, and Passenger Reliability

Rogers Battery Pads and Cushions

Battery performance is often a deal breaker in the automotive industry. These days, the power and capability of the battery are what most people look out for when purchasing a vehicle and this holds true, even in the market today with the new generation of electric, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

ABLE aims to provide our clients with the appropriate solutions to tackle the challenges that involve battery performance and the newer range of vehicles that require much more stored energy than the traditional types.

The new generation of vehicles requires sealing, cushioning, and vibration isolation, which must perform at its best under tough conditions. Fortunately, Rogers’ has various battery pad solutions designed to provide high-performance options that can withstand fluctuations in compression and temperature. 

Rogers Battery Pads & Cushions: Ensuring Safety, Protection, and Passenger Reliability

Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are the primary power source for these new vehicle types. As such, Rogers offers a wide portfolio of solutions that can help ensure passenger safety, reliability, and protection. 

Rogers produces materials for the automotive industry designed to keep battery cells aligned while holding a consistent force, isolated from the damaging effects of vibration, and keeping the battery away from contaminants. 

PORON polyurethanes and BISCO silicone materials are among the best for battery pressure pads and cushions. Here’s how they do it:

Battery Enclosure Sealing and Fastening

The ideal choice for sealing and protecting battery enclosures from any damage that can be caused by road debris and other elements is BISCO silicone foams. The gaskets fabricated from the material can seal out dust, water, and debris while providing UV and temperature resistance. Additionally, PORON polyurethane materials can also be used as they are designed to hold a consistent force while keeping the batteries aligned and safe from vibration. 

Battery Compression Pads and Cushions

Battery compression pads or battery pad cushions are used inside an EV pouch cell; these must be firm enough to keep components in place and compressible sufficient to withstand changes that pour over from the battery’s life. Battery pads produced from PORON polyurethane and BISCO silicone foams can produce a very consistent level of force across a range of compressions. Moreover, these materials also enable the design to predict its behavior across different tolerances.

Anti-Vibration Pads for Vibration Isolation

Battery packaging needs to absorb internal impact energy. Vibration management should be viewed in two ways: within the battery pressure pad and between the pack and the vehicle. Anti-vibration pads using the PORON and BISCO lines are solutions within the automotive industry as they have vibration isolators and dampers. The compression set of these materials can withstand collapse that’s commonly caused by temperature and stresses of compression. Ultimately, these materials extend the battery’s life by sealing and absorbing shock. 

Rogers Battery Pads & Cushions: Smart Automotive Industry Solutions

Among the two product lines best for battery pads and cushions are PORON polyurethanes and BISCO silicone materials. These are several of the products suggested for the automotive industry: 

ABLE works hand-in-hand with Rogers to ensure that our customers are able to find the appropriate solutions that can best suit the needs of the automotive industry. With new innovations, it’s only proper that we supply our clients with the essential materials they need to continue producing technology. We provide solutions to their challenges and with the help of our partners, we’re able to meet and exceed standards. 

Are you interested to find out more about our offerings within the automotive industry? Talk to us today and we’ll be more than happy to assist you with whatever challenges that you might have. As we are partnered with Rogers Corporation, we also have access to their engineers and database to assist you.