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Reliable Protection and Comfort with Rogers Battery Pads & Cushions

Reliable Protection and Comfort with Rogers Battery Pads & Cushions

Battery performance plays a pivotal role in the automotive industry. In contemporary times, prospective vehicle buyers primarily scrutinize battery power and capability, a trend that persists even in the current market featuring the latest electric, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid models.

ABLE is dedicated to offering our clients tailored solutions for addressing the intricate challenges associated with battery performance, particularly in the context of the advanced range of vehicles demanding substantially greater stored energy compared to conventional counterparts.

These modern vehicles necessitate robust sealing, cushioning, and vibration isolation components that can excel in challenging conditions. Thankfully, Rogers offers a variety of battery pad solutions specifically engineered to deliver high-performance alternatives that can endure varying levels of compression and temperature fluctuations.

Safeguarding Safety and Comfort with Rogers Battery Pads & Cushions

Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries serve as the primary energy source for these innovative vehicle categories. Consequently, Rogers provides an extensive array of solutions aimed at guaranteeing passenger safety, dependability, and security.

Rogers manufactures materials tailored to the automotive sector, meticulously crafted to maintain the alignment of battery cells, sustain a uniform pressure, shield against harmful vibrations, and safeguard the battery from potential contaminants.

Two exceptional options for battery pressure pads and cushions are PORON polyurethanes and BISCO silicone materials. Here’s their exceptional performance:

Anti-Vibration Pads for Vibration Isolation

Effective battery packaging must absorb internal impact energy, addressing vibration management both within the battery pressure pad and between the battery pack and the vehicle. Anti-vibration pads utilizing the PORON and BISCO product lines serve as notable solutions within the automotive sector, offering vibration isolators and dampers. These materials’ compression set properties can endure the common collapse caused by temperature fluctuations and compression stresses, ultimately extending the battery’s lifespan by providing sealing and shock absorption.

Battery Enclosure Sealing and Fastening

For safeguarding battery enclosures against potential damage from road debris and external elements, BISCO silicone foams stand as the optimal choice. Gaskets fashioned from this material effectively seal out dust, water, and debris, all while providing UV and temperature resistance. Furthermore, PORON polyurethane materials can also be utilized, designed to maintain consistent force to keep batteries aligned and protected from vibration.

Battery Compression Pads and Cushions

Battery compression pads, situated within an EV pouch cell, must strike a balance between firmness to secure components in place and compressibility to withstand changes experienced during the battery’s lifecycle. Battery pads crafted from PORON polyurethane and BISCO silicone foams consistently deliver the necessary force across a range of compressions. Additionally, these materials empower designers to predict their behavior across varying tolerances.

Rogers Battery Pads & Cushions: Intelligent Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Among the top product lines designed for battery pads and cushions, PORON polyurethanes and BISCO silicone materials are standout choices. Here’s a selection of products tailored for automotive applications:

ABLE collaborates closely with Rogers to ensure our customers access tailored solutions that meet the specific demands of the automotive industry. In an era of continual innovation, it’s our commitment to equip clients with the essential materials they require to advance technology production. We tackle their challenges head-on, leveraging our partnerships to not only meet but exceed industry standards.

If you’re interested in exploring our offerings in the automotive sector, reach out to us today. We’re here to assist you with any challenges you might encounter. As a partner of Rogers Corporation, we have access to their skilled engineers and extensive database to provide you with comprehensive support.