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Striking the Perfect Balance: Thermal Propagation Protection for Performance

Thermal Propagation Protection for Performance

As the automotive industry experiences ongoing electrification, the management of thermal propagation becomes a significant and vital industry concern. This is particularly true for both battery manufacturers and end-users, as they grapple with temperature increases often associated with thermal runaway.

In recognition of the industry’s unwavering commitment to consumer safety, ABLE has formed a strategic partnership with Rogers Corporation. Rogers Corporation is at the forefront of developing materials that enable designers to prioritize and enhance safety without compromising battery performance.

Now, let’s delve into how Rogers Corporation tackles the critical issue of thermal propagation protection.

A Focus on Thermal Excellence: Rogers Corporation’s Endeavors

Rogers Corporation takes pride in its position as a prominent industry leader specializing in thermal solutions designed to safeguard critical systems and electronic components. The company offers tailored solutions to meet clients’ specific design requirements, utilizing cooling materials, heat conduction methods, and heat storage techniques. This dedication to customization is clearly evident in their approach to addressing various challenges, such as mitigating user discomfort and preventing performance degradation.

Moreover, the company is well-equipped to provide support for devices and products requiring thermal management, ensuring that they maintain optimal operating conditions and thereby extending the lifespan of components, averting premature failure.

Rogers Corporation offers a range of thermal solutions, including:

Diving Deeper into Thermal Propagation Protection by Rogers Corporation

The process of vehicle electrification continues to redefine our approach to transportation. Effectively managing thermal propagation is of paramount importance to ensure that manufacturers and end users are well-informed about the potential risks associated with it.

Rogers Corporation tackles this challenge through two key methods:

Heat Spreading Tape

Rogers Corporation manufactures materials like the ProCell EV Firewall series, a multi-layer laminate designed to disperse heat on one side while insulating the other. It effectively prevents the transmission of particulates that may be generated in the event of battery failure. The ProCell EV Firewall series can be laminated to PORON polyurethanes, enhancing its performance with optimal curve attributes and gap-filling capabilities, or it can be used independently.

Elastomeric Thermal Barrier

Rogers Corporation combines materials to provide a multifunctional solution with ideal curve behavior, gap-filling capabilities, and vibration management, all while offering thermal runaway protection as a non-composite, all-in-one solution. The ProCell EV Firewall series, in particular, exhibits exceptional resilience to extremely high temperatures through a multi-step mechanism. This makes it an effective material for use as a battery pad, ultimately serving as an excellent solution for cell-to-cell thermal propagation protection.

Spotlight on Innovation: Rogers Corporation’s ProCell EV Firewall Series

The Rogers ProCell EV Firewall series introduces a range of products engineered to delay thermal propagation within batteries, capable of withstanding very high temperatures. Moreover, the ProCell EV Firewall product line effectively mitigates thermal runaway, even in small-scale nail penetration testing scenarios.

These materials are available in various thicknesses, supporting both module-to-module and cell-to-cell designs. The advantages of using this product line are as follows:

The ProCell EV Firewall Series for thermal propagation protection includes the following products:

Rogers Corporation is committed to developing materials that prioritize consumer safety and enhance battery performance. Their expertise in thermal propagation protection positions them as industry leaders, providing cutting-edge technology and exceptional customer support.

Curious to learn more about Rogers Corporation’s offerings in thermal propagation protection? Reach out to us at ABLE today, and we’ll be more than happy to assist you!