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Rogers Corporation: Providing Advanced Materials for Aerospace and Defense

Rogers Corporation Providing Advanced Materials for Aerospace and Defense

At ABLE, we commit to delivering advanced materials and solutions that can be used even in the harshest conditions. That’s why we partner with companies such as the Rogers Corporation to be able to deliver only the best materials possible. 

Rogers’ advanced materials are relied upon for their high reliability and performance in extreme conditions, making them critical for aerospace, commercial aircraft, and defense applications. These materials are trusted by design engineers for radar and navigation systems, heat dissipation, and gasketing solutions.

Rogers’ high-reliability materials play a vital role in aerospace, commercial aircraft, and defense industries, ensuring the reliable operation of critical systems. Trusted for their proven track record, Rogers’ advanced materials are used in communication systems, electronics, and power systems where reliability and performance under extreme conditions are paramount.

We’ll look into how Rogers Corporation contributes to the Aerospace market with their high-quality products.

Rogers Corporation: Advanced Materials for Aerospace and Defense

Rogers’ advanced materials are indispensable for aerospace, commercial aircraft, and defense applications due to their exceptional reliability and performance in extreme conditions. Design engineers rely on Rogers’ materials for radar and navigation systems, heat dissipation, and gasketing solutions, confident in their proven track record.

In aerospace, commercial aircraft, and defense industries, Rogers’ high-reliability materials play a vital role in ensuring the dependable operation of critical systems. Renowned for their trustworthiness, Rogers’ advanced materials are used in communication systems, electronics, and power systems where reliability and performance in challenging environments are paramount.

Rogers Aerospace and Defense Applications

Here are some of the applications that Rogers supplies to the Aerospace market:

Antenna Systems 

Rogers provides a distinctive range of circuit laminates designed specifically for antennas, catering to the complex demands of antenna designers, including military antenna systems and advanced automotive radar systems. These materials are engineered to deliver high reliability and consistent performance, minimizing circuit losses at high frequencies. With a diverse selection of dielectric products for antennas, feed networks, phased arrays, and radiating elements, Rogers’ material solutions are tailored to meet the stringent requirements of modern antenna designs.

Commercial Avionics

The aerospace industry has made significant strides in avionics and circuit board design, enabling advancements in aircraft technology. However, the increasing power demands and unique design considerations of avionics systems present substantial challenges for thermal management. Harsh environmental conditions, such as extreme temperature fluctuations, pressure variations, and high g-force maneuvers, further add to the complexity. If avionics systems cannot withstand the rigorous demands of shock, vibrations, and thermal challenges, it can pose a hazardous situation.

Communications Systems 

Rogers’ innovative materials optimize RF and microwave technology, enhancing the performance of communications systems that utilize RF subsystems. Their high-frequency laminates offer precise dielectric constant control, crucial for advanced microwave applications. These materials outperform FR-4 materials, making them ideal for demanding RF and microwave systems.


Rogers’ cushioning materials, including PORON polyurethane, BISCO silicone, and Griswold rubber, ensure reliability, comfort, and protection from stress and shock in various applications. These high-performance solutions are highly compressible and conformable, while resisting compression and stress relaxation. They are suitable for medical cushioning, shoe insoles, apparel padding, carpet padding, and aircraft/rail interiors, providing excellent resiliency, vibration damping, and impact absorption. With a wide range of firmness and thickness options, these materials offer flexibility and reliability where needed.

Electrical Insulation, Conduction, and EMI Shielding 

With the proliferation of sensitive electronic components in modern products, device failures due to electromagnetic interference or noise are rising. The smaller size and faster speeds of today’s electrical and electronic components pose challenges in managing performance. Rogers provides various solutions for electrical insulation, conduction, and EMI/RFI shielding to safeguard devices from electrical interference.

Flame Barrier 

Rogers’ BISCO Fire Protective Covering (FPC) materials offer comprehensive fire protection for sensitive components. These patented flame-retardant silicone foams resist burn-through of flames up to 1,900°F while reducing flame spread. With low smoke and toxic gas emissions, FPC materials are ideal for critical industrial and transportation applications, such as aircraft and railcar cabins. They are available in various thicknesses and can be easily manufactured and converted to required dimensions.

Gap Filling 

PORON Urethane and BISCO Silicone foams are reliable gap filler materials that offer Compression Set Resistance (C-set) for consistent pressure force and sealing performance in various applications. These flexible foams withstand collapse due to compression and temperature stresses over time, maintaining their effectiveness in filling gaps caused by manufacturing tolerances or environmental changes. With long-term durability, they provide reliable sealing solutions in various operating conditions.

Mechanical Fastening

Reliable and durable attachment of dissimilar substrates can be challenging, especially in modern design and sustainability requirements. Traditional mechanical fasteners and welding may be less effective compared to adhesives and other bonding solutions offered by Rogers Corporation. Using self-fusing tapes, adhesives, or other bonding solutions can extend product life, enable clean design, and maintain fastening even in extreme conditions. This provides a reliable and sustainable solution for joining dissimilar substrates.

Phased Array Radar Systems 

Phased-array antennas are widely used in automotive, satellite, and non-defense markets for applications such as autonomous driving, weather tracking, and air traffic control applications. Rogers offers advanced circuit laminates designed for high-frequency performance, with low circuit losses and consistent dielectric constant (Dk) uniformity. These materials enable compact and cost-effective phased-array antenna designs.

Satellite Power Management 

In space, radiation-hardened components are crucial for satellite power supply design due to radiation challenges, the absence of atmosphere, and gravity. Curamik ceramic substrates, such as Si3N4, excel in demanding applications with high reliability, robustness, and wide temperature range. The curamik bonding process ensures a hermetic combination of metal layers. The high heat conductivity and capacity of curamik substrates make them indispensable for power electronics in mission-critical applications like satellite power management.

Thermal Solutions

Rogers Corporation, a leading thermal solutions provider, offers a wide range of materials to protect electronics and critical systems from heat-related issues. With heat storage, heat conduction, and cooling materials, Rogers Corporation provides solutions for thermal management to maintain optimal operating conditions, prevent component failure, performance throttling, and user discomfort. In addition to their sealing, gasketing, and cushioning properties, Rogers Corporation silicones also offer thermal insulation capabilities by reducing heat transfer between objects.

Thermal Spray 

DeWAL offers thermal spray solutions for mission-critical parts, providing protective masking tapes that adhere aggressively and ensure sharp edges. Their DW 500 Pressure Sensitive Tape is a high-temperature masking tape for plasma flame spraying, protecting parts from overspray and splash during grit blasting and plasma metallization operations.


DeWAL’s V-Series venting membranes, made from expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE), provide reliable ventilation and protection for sensitive electronics in various enclosure applications. These membranes allow continuous pressure equalization while maintaining an environmental seal, preventing vents from clogging and improving long-term reliability. The unique microstructure and chemical resistance of ePTFE ensures that gas molecules and vapors pass through easily while repelling liquids and contaminants. The V-Series venting membranes come in four standard grades and are available in ePTFE-only or laminated options for improved mechanical stability during the converting process.

Vibration Management

Rogers Corporation’s Elastomeric Material Solutions offer proven vibration management for critical applications in transportation, consumer goods, and industrial markets. With PORON® Polyurethane, including PORON VXT Vibration Isolation materials, and BISCO Silicone foams, these elastomers provide excellent resistance to compression set, high resiliency, and good vibration damping for use as vibration isolators. These foams can deflect vibrations over long periods with minimal changes in stiffness. ARLON Self-Fusing Silicone Tapes also provide vibration dampening and moisture-resistant insulative barrier for various applications. Rogers Corporation’s elastomeric materials are stable in a wide range of environments, making them ideal candidates for vibration management in diverse industries.

Wire & Cable Protection 

Rogers Corporation offers various insulating and protection options for high-temperature wire and cable applications where superior electrical properties are critical. DeWAL pressure sensitive tapes, including unsintered PTFE, provide strength, durability, and versatility with proprietary adhesive systems. ARLON Silicone Self-Fusing Tapes offer a permanent insulating barrier resistant to moisture, ozone, and corona, with superior electrical insulation. BISCO® Silicone FPC patented Silicone Fire Protective Covering material is designed to resist flames up to 1900°F, making it ideal for protecting sensitive components during fires. 

These Rogers products are used in applications such as automotive and aerospace harnesses, cord covers, wire protectors, spacers, and more where reliability is essential.

Rogers Corporation is a trusted provider of advanced materials that are essential for aerospace and defense applications. With their high reliability and performance in extreme conditions, Rogers’ materials are relied upon by design engineers for critical systems such as radar and navigation systems, heat dissipation, gasketing solutions, and more. These materials are also used in communication systems, electronics, and power systems where reliability and performance under challenging environments are paramount.

Rogers’ innovative materials optimize RF and microwave technology, offer cushioning, electrical insulation, conduction, and EMI shielding solutions, flame barrier protection, gap filling, mechanical fastening, and phased array radar system materials. As a partner with and preferred converter for Rogers Corporation, ABLE is committed to delivering advanced materials and solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and reliability, ensuring the success of aerospace and defense applications even in the harshest conditions. Trust Rogers Corporation for your advanced material needs in the aerospace and defense industries.

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