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Saint-Gobain: Providing Thermal Interface Management for EV Charging Stations

Saint-Gobain Providing Thermal Interface Management for EV Charging Stations

ABLE acknowledges the need to continuously expand solutions for the automotive industry. With the rise of electric vehicles (EV), there is a need to provide new solutions for the challenges that are forthcoming.

Saint-Gobain has solutions for electric vehicles to address the rise in new challenges in the automotive industry.

As the adoption of electric vehicles grows, the demand for fast charging stations also increases. To meet this demand, the latest generation of DC fast charging stations are equipped with powerful modules that deliver charging levels upwards of 350 kWh. However, such high charging rates generate significant amounts of heat, which can affect the efficiency and safety of the charging stations. To address this issue, engineers rely on thermal interface materials to dissipate the excess heat and maintain components in their optimal temperature range.

We will explore the importance of thermal management in DC fast charging stations and the benefits of using thermal gap pads, thermally conductive silicone sponge, and thermally conductive transfer adhesives in their design.

Thermal Interface Management: Providing Support for EV Charging Stations

Saint-Gobain provides thermal interface materials to manage excess heat generated during high-rate charging in the latest generation of DC fast charging stations, which are critical to ensuring safe and efficient operation. We will examine the significance of thermal management in such stations and the advantages of Saint-Gobain’s thermal gap pads, thermally conductive silicone sponge, and thermally conductive transfer adhesives in their design.

Saint-Gobain’s wide range of thermal interface materials offers excellent performance, combining reliable and lifelong protection from environmental influences with superior conformability, dampening, and absorption. These materials provide engineers with the flexibility needed to design advanced transport vehicles.

Thermally Conductive Silicone Gasketing Foams  

One of the solutions that Saint-Gobain offers under Thermal Interface Management is Thermally Conductive Silicone Gasketing Foams.

Saint-Gobain’s range of thermally and electrically conductive silicone materials is designed to enhance the thermal performance of electrical systems, offering products that range from economical to high performance. These materials are ideal for various thermal management applications, accommodating the evolving needs of today’s industry.

To ensure efficient thermal management, our silicone materials can expand to fill uneven spaces between multiple components. These also come in a diverse designs with good tear resistance and varying degrees of thermal conductivity.

Thermally Conductive Silicone Gasketing Foams has the following features and benefits:

Saint-Gobain: Providing Tape Solutions for EV Charging Stations

Saint-Gobain recognizes the growing global demand for electric vehicles and the importance of a reliable charging infrastructure to support their adoption. To keep pace with evolving battery technology, manufacturers of electrical vehicle supply equipment are increasing output to meet installation demands, while improving the performance and adaptability of the latest generation of DC Fast Chargers.

To ensure the durability and safety of these chargers, it’s essential to protect the enclosure from external elements, dissipate heat, and insulate components. Saint-Gobain offers a range of solutions, including thermally conductive, insulated, and intumescent materials, as well as silicone and microcellular polyurethane foams. Their products support the growth of EV charging infrastructure and promote a sustainable future.

Saint-Gobain offers a wide range of solutions to enhance EV charging station infrastructure, including polyurethane and silicone foams for protection against extreme environmental exposures. Their complete range of thermal interface materials help dissipate excess heat generated by high-power electrical components during charging cycles.

In addition, Saint-Gobain provides pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes for insulation and wire harnessing, as well as bonding tapes for permanently assembling exterior attachments or laminating substrates. With their extensive range of offerings, Saint-Gobain is committed to improving the efficiency, reliability, and durability of EV charging stations.

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