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Sekisui Kasei: Hydrogel Solutions for the Medical and Healthcare Field

Sekisui Kasei Hydrogel Solutions

As ABLE remains dedicated to delivering top-notch custom converting solutions to our clients, we strive to collaborate with firms that aid us in driving innovation. It gives us immense pleasure to announce our latest industry partnership that will assist us in diversifying our portfolio and maintaining our leading position in delivering cutting-edge solutions.

This is why ABLE works with Sekisui Kasei. 

Sekisui Kasei provides a diverse range of electrode and processed gel products catering to the needs of both consumers for health monitoring purposes and medical practitioners. Our primary focus is on safety; therefore, we use the dependable ST-gel as the core ingredient in these products.

Sekisui Kasei’s Hydrogel in the Medical and Healthcare Field 

Sekisui Kasei is a leading manufacturer and supplier of ST-gel, a high-performance gel material widely used in various medical fields. Thanks to its high stability in measuring, ST-gel has become the preferred choice for bioelectrodes. In addition to supplying ST-gel as a gel material, we have established a robust production system that covers the entire process from design to manufacturing and sales of finished products such as electrodes and gel pads. Our expertise in customization allows us to meet the unique needs of our clients, and we welcome inquiries from interested parties.

With the growing awareness of health, TENS and EMS devices are becoming increasingly popular across all generations, and wearable devices are also rapidly gaining traction. Given its exceptional conductivity, ST-gel has been adopted for various applications, including human electrical signal measurement and electrical stimulation. Furthermore, its low irritation to the skin makes it safe for repeated use. Our adhesive pads that utilize ST-gel can be tailored to our customers’ specific requirements, including hooks, lead wires, and flexible printed circuit boards.

ST-Gel: How It Performs

ST-gel has a unique composition that includes moisturizers and electrolytes within the polymer matrix, resulting in its versatile properties such as adhesiveness, dry resistance, and conductivity. When used with an electrode element, it can be securely attached to the skin while detecting even the slightest current through its conductivity and transferring the current generated by the device to the human body.

Hydrogel for Medical Applications

The company is engaged in the design, development, manufacturing, and quality control of several bioelectrodes following the QMS ministerial ordinance. They have a proven track record of providing technical data to support the acquisition of CE mark and FDA approval. Interested parties are encouraged to contact the company for further information.

Electrocardiogram Electrodes

The electrodes with soft adhesion and exceptional conformability to the skin enable stable electrocardiographic measurements by reducing the impedance.

Due to the transmission and reception of extremely minute electrical signals, a high degree of accuracy is essential in electrocardiogram electrodes. ST-gel electrodes provide flexible control over their performance and can be customized based on the intended application.

Electrosurgical Instruments

A return electrode, also known as an earth electrode, is utilized in surgery in conjunction with an electric scalpel, an electrosurgical instrument. These electrodes come in two types: conductive and electrostatic capacitive. The company offers a range of sizes to accommodate patients of various weights, from adults to extremely low-weight babies.

ECG Electrodes for Examinations

The company provides resting ECG electrodes specifically designed for electrocardiogram examinations. These electrodes use a HIT-grade gel material that exhibits strong adhesiveness, even in small areas. The adhesiveness remains high immediately after being applied to the skin, enabling a stable examination to be performed.

Electrical Stimulation Devices

Sekisui Kasei provides electrodes and gel pads designed for use with electrical stimulation devices such as TENS and EMS. These products are safe for repeated use and do not cause skin irritation from the passing electric current.

Gel Taping

The company offers a specialized taping product that can be used for fixing, pain relief, and other purposes. The taping product uses “ST-gel” and is gentle on the skin, making it suitable for individuals with sensitive skin who cannot use standard taping. The product is also utilized in research aimed at preventing locomotive syndrome.

Sekisui Kasei’s Hydrogel for Healthcare Applications 

The excellent conductivity of ST-gel has made it a popular choice for various applications such as human electrical signal measurement and electrical stimulation, especially in fields like TENS and EMS devices, which are becoming increasingly popular among different age groups. Moreover, the low skin irritation property of the gel makes it suitable for repetitive use applications. Adhesive pads using ST-gel can be customized to meet customers’ specific requirements, including hooks, lead wires, and flexible printed circuit boards.

Adhesive Pads

The company offers adhesive pads for various health support and beauty devices. The product lineups include various shapes suitable for different applications and purposes, allowing customers to choose according to their needs.

Gel Pads

The company offers gel pads for health support and as adhesive pads for low-frequency therapy equipment. These pads firmly adhere to the skin, eliminating the need to use additional straps or belts to keep them in place. Furthermore, the pads are designed for hygienic and reusable use, as users can simply replace the gel pads between sessions.

Customized Electrodes

The company offers design proposals with various specifications, including hooks, lead wires, and flexible printed circuit boards for various applications. They can propose suitable gel materials and electrode designs that align with the equipment specifications.

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in research conducted on the brain in advanced medical care. ST-gel has also been adopted in the advanced medical field due to its excellent conductivity and ability to freely control electrode performance. With the increased health awareness, wearable devices that perform health management by themselves have become increasingly popular.

To facilitate accurate measurement and provide more comfortable usage, the development of an ST-gel that can be worn without any sense of discomfort in daily life is currently underway. The ST-gel’s soft adhesion and excellent conformability to the skin make it an ideal candidate for wearable devices used in health management.

ABLE is committed to delivering exceptional custom converting solutions to clients and seeks to collaborate with companies that promote innovation. Partnering with Sekisui Kasei will enable ABLE to offer high-quality solutions to clients confronting distinctive obstacles.

The combination of ABLE and Sekisui Kasei is well-positioned to provide superior products and services. For further information on our collaboration with Sekisui Kasei and our solutions, please contact us, and our team will be delighted to assist you.