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3M Medical Devices: Improving the Healthcare Industry One Step at a Time

Improving the Healthcare Industry One Step at a Time

3M is well known for their many innovations that have helped further developments across different fields and industries, including the healthcare industry. They aim to provide solutions that will further develop and improve the lives of patients and professionals.

As a 3M preferred converter, ABLE has access to their materials so that we may provide our clients with the medical devices and products that they need. These include access to 3M adhesive tapes and films.

What is 3M?

3M is best known as a global science company that puts innovation at its core. They use science to solve the world’s toughest challenges and improve the lives of many. The company works with various industries including health care, energy, automotive, transportation, electronics, government, and manufacturing among others. 

The company has over 60,000 products ranging from abrasives, adhesives, laminates, passive fire protection, window films, medical products, optical films, and personal protective equipment. 

3M Health Care: Better Health Made Possible

3M stresses the importance of good health. Whether it’s testing food safety, designing mechanical devices, or interacting with patients – every action improves lives. 

3M Health Care shares those passions and uses it as motivation to harness the power of 3M Science to create better solutions for the global healthcare industry. 

The company serves the following healthcare markets: 

3M Medical Devices: Innovative and Progressive Healthcare

3M has various medical adhesive tapes and films that can be used across the healthcare industry. With over 55 years of experience, they are your partner when we talk about as no one knows the body’s largest organ and no one knows the skin better than 3M. With their years of experience, the company understands how the skin ages, breathes, stretches, and sweats; this knowledge will ultimately assist in finding the right materials for your products. 

3M offers advanced materials to create products for the following fields: 

Body Worn Adhesives 

3M offers the best components for medical devices ranging from skin-friendly materials to aggressive medical adhesives used for the actual construction of the device. Regardless of which development stage you are, the company is always ready to provide a helping hand with solutions that can  better improve device performance and reliability while reducing cost. 

Medical Diagnostics 

3M is a trusted source for advanced materials and technologies often used in the design and manufacture of diagnostic devices. Medical diagnostic technology is used in the making of blood glucose strips and other diagnostic devices (including consumables). Microfuild applications include cancer screening, pathogen detection, chronic disease monitoring, and genetic biomarker detection, among others. 

Transdermal Components 

3M understands skin very well. The company delivers customer and technical support needed to solve challenging formulations and enhance cosmetic appearance and design for long-term success. 

Medical Device Construction

3M has a wide range of medical-grade adhesives and films that can also act as adhesives for the construction of medical devices. Only the best components are used and applied to the design—no matter how complex or specialized. 

Biopharmaceutical Purification

3M produces single-use products that can enable robust purification across different biopharmaceutical modalities. This is designed for all process stages, from the laboratory to manufacturing.

Optical Solutions

The company provides a variety of proven solutions that consistently helps produce high-quality optical lenses at competitive costs. In particular, 3M Press-On™ Optics allow eyecare professionals to correct several visual disorders in a simple and therapeutic way. 

3M Adhesive Tapes and Films 

3M offers a variety of adhesives and tapes from which customers can choose to find the ideal products and components for what they need. The following are just some of the products that they offer:

Beyond that, 3M also offers the following medical devices and products:

3M continues to innovate and help improve the healthcare industry with their medical devices and components. With 3M Science, their innovations further help to expand the healthcare industry to provide professionals with better solutions and give patients better care. 

As a 3M preferred converter, ABLE has access to their products and experts, so we can also help extend their passion for the healthcare industry. Through us, our customers will have access to expert advice and competitive prices that will ultimately help in achieving any goals or requirements set. 

Interested to know more? Contact us today, and our team will be more than happy to assist you!