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3M Preferred Converter Guide: All About 3M VHB Tapes

3M VHB Tapes

Permanent bonding projects require different setups and necessities. For instance, putting two items together is challenging, especially if the surfaces are mismatched and must be bonded to hold for the long term. A very high bonding (VHB) tape is one practical and environmentally-friendly solution. Committed to improving its environmental footprint, 3M created 3M VHB Tapes to provide a faster, more straightforward, and sustainable solution for various bonding projects. Where can you get these fantastic tapes? Look for a reliable 3M preferred converter like ABLE. But before that, let’s dig deep into 3 M’s sustainable initiatives.

3M Preferred Converter Guide: A Closer Look at 3M Sustainability Initiatives

3M looks at sustainability in terms of shared global needs by taking initiatives that foster sustainable communities, such as projects that protect threatened ecosystems, enhance livelihoods, support local economies, and promote science-based environmental education. Listed below are some of 3 M’s sustainable actions:

● Since 2002, 3M has reduced its absolute Scope 1 & 2 greenhouse gas emissions by 72% and is approaching its goal of 50% renewable electricity at all global sites by 2025 

● 3M is also investing $1 billion over 20 years to accelerate air and water stewardship and to implement new goals to reduce the company’s use of plastics.

Understanding 3 M’s sustainable initiatives will help you know its products are 100% eco-friendly. Now, let’s explore 3M VHB tapes.

What Is 3M VHB Tape?

3M VHB is a family of double-sided tapes designed for high-strength and long-lasting bonding applications. It can often replace screws, spots, rivets, or other mechanical fasteners and is also used to join various materials. Not only is the VHB tape quick and easy to apply, but it also bonds and seals simultaneously. 3M VHB tapes are made from closed-cell acrylic foam, which means they are flexible, and viscoelastic (meaning the foam core absorbs and absorbs the energy, which provides the strength) and can be converted to custom sizes. 3M provides a catalog of VHB tapes that can suit different needs, such as clear double-sided tapes and heavy-duty double-sided tapes that can withstand extreme heat and cold.

Numerous visible fasteners have been replaced with high-strength, double-sided acrylic foam tapes that build strength over time. 3M VHB tapes have also maintained consistency from design to construction. This 3M product continues to bond with various materials. It provides a resilient bonding solution for almost anything you can dream up.

Which 3M VHB Tape Should You Use?

3M offers several families of tapes available within the VHB tape products. Each has its properties and design considerations. The below samples will help you understand the types of elements available for reference in your decision-making process before purchase.

● 3M VHB TAPE 5952 can bond aluminum, anodized aluminum, copper, lead, stainless steel, tin, and zinc. It also adheres to glass, plastics, and paints.

● 3M VHB TAPE 4959 is suitable for attaching logos to appliances, decorative material, trim, nameplates and logos, electronic displays, panel frames. It can be used as a stiffener for panels.

● 3M VHB TAPE 4611 can be used in assembly prior to high-temperature paint ovens. It’s also thinner, lighter in weight, and ideal for dissimilar materials, decorative materials, and trim.

● 3M VHB TAPE 4950 has a firm acrylic foam core that keeps the surface smooth and is virtually invisible. 

Other 3M VHB Industrial Tape Products

There are many 3M VHB tapes available for every industry. When selecting the suitable VHB tape, keep in mind that there are tapes for general purposes. At the same time, some have special features for specific solutions. For example, several VHB tapes are used for automotive, including double-sided tapes and distinct tapes used for commercial vehicles.

● General-purpose VHB tapes are ideal for interior and exterior industrial applications. These tapes with softer cores and are well-suited for textured surfaces. The general-purpose VHB tapes also work well when sealing is required.

● Special VHB tapes are available for work situations where the tape is used at 0° to 10°C. There are also special VHB tapes for parts that must withstand higher temperatures or are bonded before powder coating.

The Benefits of Using 3M VHB Tape

3M VHB tapes open the door to new design possibilities and provide a simple way to develop an existing product. The following are the five key benefits of using this ultra-strong bonding solution:

1. Durable and Weather Resistance – 3M VHB tapes can endure extreme temperatures, solvents, UV light, moisture, and many more. They can also enhance the durability of the final product by avoiding any bi-metal corrosion. 

2. Design Flexibility – 3M VHB tapes can be cut to precise sizes and shapes to fit seamlessly into any design. These tapes can also enhance design appearance by allowing the assembly of products without holes or visible mechanical fasteners.

3. Faster and Easier Assembly – 3M VHB tape simplifies assembly and improves production time. 

4. Lightweight and Reliable Bond – A thin, efficient material for lighter products, fewer components, and lower transportation costs. Distributes static or dynamic stress over the entire surface.

5. Vibration Dampening and Resistance – The foam design creates a smoother, quieter experience and less wear and tear.

Do You Want to Use 3M VHB Tape Products?

Whether your project requires bonding, a protective seal, or gap filling, ABLE’s materials experts are here to help you get the best 3M VHB products for your unique application. With our rigorous analysis, access to firsthand technical data, and expertise, you can feel confident in your final selection. As a 3M Preferred Converter, we can also custom convert the raw tape into nearly any size or shape you need for your application. ABLE always shows product teams what’s possible with 3M VHB tape products. So, what are you waiting for? Talk to us now!

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