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Rogers Preferred Converter Guide: A Closer Look at Rogers’ Products

Rogers products

Rogers Corporation is a global leader in engineered materials to protect, empower, and connect the world. As a specialty engineered materials company, Rogers helps the world’s leading innovators solve their material challenges, offers innovative solutions to empower the customers’ technological breakthroughs, and sets the standard for efficiency, performance, and reliability. Rogers partners with customers in a wide range of industries, such as

● Aerospace & Defense

● Automotive & EV/HEV

● Connected Devices

● General Industrial

● Wind & Solar

● Wired Infrastructure

● Wireless Infrastructure

ABLE: Your Ideal Rogers Preferred Converter

As a Rogers preferred converter, ABLE is part of a select group of partners who deliver exceptional service and support for Rogers products. It is vital to Rogers that their reliable converting partners safeguard the best customer experience. To become a Rogers preferred converter, ABLE had to undergo a rigorous qualification to prove and maintain high-quality standards, technical capability, and customer service. Two of Rogers’ most popular materials are the following:

● BISCO product lines offer the best silicone foams for gasketing and sealing applications. BISCO also provides various cellular, solid, and specialty materials produced in roll stock. 

● PORON Industrial Polyurethanes are robust, efficient, and have long-term performance in different industrial applications. 

A Closer Look at Roger’s Products

Rogers Corporation manufactures a variety of materials for diverse markets, including defense and consumer products. Here are the three business segments to know more about Rogers products and materials:

1. Rogers’ Advanced Electronics Solutions (AES)

This business segment delivers advanced material solutions to design issues, including power efficiency, signal integrity, radio frequency signal management, distribution, and thermal management to improve device and system reliability. These solutions include bonds, busbars, prepregs, cooling solutions, ceramic substrates, and high-frequency laminates. customers can get the following products:

● RF laminates and 3D printable materials enable better design and performance.

● RF Solutions Prepregs and Bondplys are designed for consistent reliability and performance for the most demanding multi-layer PWB applications.

● Cooling Solutions are a suite of advanced liquid cooling solutions powered by the state-of-the-art Curamik® bonding process.

● Rogers Corporation’s Curamik® product suite offers best-in-class metalized ceramic substrates that enable power electronic printed circuits.

● Rogers Corporation’s ROLINX® busbars are engineered components used for power distribution.

2. Rogers Corporation’s Elastomeric Material Solutions (EMS) 

This business segment provides an extensive selection of high-performance engineered materials. The EMS team creates solutions for protection, sealing, and energy management in smartphones, aircraft and rail interiors, automobiles, and apparel. These advanced material solutions are also designed into products and applications in segments where high reliability and mission-critical performance are essential. Here are some of Rogers Corporation’s materials under this business segment:

● Rogers Arlon® Silicone Technologies are the industry leader in silicone elastomers.

● The BISCO® product line offers silicone foams for gasketing and sealing applications.

● The DeWAL® product line is one of the industry-leading manufacturers of high-performance polymer films and pressure-sensitive PTFE and UHMW tape.

● Griswold™ Rubber showcases high-performance engineered cellular rubber solutions used in various industries.

● PORON® Medical Polyurethanes are engineered medium-density and microcellular foam materials for prosthetic, orthopedic, and other biomechanical applications.

● PORON® Comfort is a technology platform in distinct and specialized formulations engineered for sustained comfort.

● PORON® Industrial Polyurethanes offer robust, long-term performance in various industrial applications.

● ProCell™ EV Firewall materials are designed to offer delayed thermal propagation in EV batteries.

● R/bak® Cushion Mounting Materials are open-cell urethanes that provide the most consistent, resilient cushioning for flexographic printing.

● XRD® Technology is considered flexible to the touch yet tough on impact, engineered to withstand repeated impact scenarios.

3. Rogers Corporation’s Elastomer Components

The Elastomer Components Division develops products used in automotive, small engines, and general industrial applications. This business segment produces molded elastomeric products for specialty applications. Here are the two essential products under this business segment:

● Rogers ENDUR® Components are the best choice for automotive and generation industrial applications requiring precise document rolling. 

● Rogers NITROPHYL® Floats have a track record of having a decades-long history of being the leader for liquid-level floats.

Get The Best Converting Solutions – ABLE Is Your Ultimate Choice

ABLE has a long-standing relationship with Rogers Corporation’s chemical engineers, product specialists, and technical support staff to fast-track solutions to your biggest converting problems. As a Rogers Preferred Converter, ABLE stocks a substantial number of Rogers products, which means there’s a 100% (use “greater” rather than writing 100%) chance you can get what you need in stock. We have faster access to Rogers Corporation’s products, so you can deliver your parts more quickly or on time. So, if you have a conversion problem, ABLE can come up with the right solutions to meet your never-ending converting needs. 

Do you want to get Rogers Corporation’s products and materials? ABLE is your best Rogers preferred converter. Talk to us now! We are happy to help you.

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