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ABLE Automotive: The Best Gasketing and Sealing Solutions in the Industry

Best Gasketing and Sealing Solutions in the Industry

Seals and gaskets must be able to exceed industry standards and withstand challenging conditions. 

When it comes to sealing and gasketing, material selection is critical – especially in the automotive industry. Gaskets must be able to protect components while preventing any failures and unplanned maintenance. As such, effective materials must be able to seal out any foreign elements, manage damage impact energy, and withstand the effects of compression.

At ABLE, we only work with the best materials. We make sure to meet and exceed industry standards with sealing and gasketing products in the market. In this article, we’ll be looking at the solutions that will provide our clients within the automotive industry solutions for their gasketing and sealing needs.

Sealing and Gasketing: Defining Terms 

While any seasoned professional would know the difference between sealing and gasketing, it sometimes helps to have a refresher to be reminded of what the products are intended to do, their specific functions, and how they can be applied to a material. 

We define gasketing as a seal that connects two components or flanges that have flat surfaces. Gaskets are used to prevent leaking and are commonly used as static seals. 

Seals, meanwhile, serve a similar purpose as gaskets; they are made to be used between shafts, pumps, and engine parts that rotate – contrary to gaskets which are used for static parts. Seals are typically machined or molded products that are made of an outer ring of metal and an inner surface of rubber.  These are used for keeping leaks at bay and as bearings which also reduces the amount of noise during an operation. 

ABLE Automotive: Sealing and Gasketing Solutions 

At ABLE, we make sure to partner with only the best in the industry to help us produce the materials that our customers need. We not only aim to meet customer expectations when it comes to gasketing and sealing but to exceed industry standards with our solutions. 

Saint-Gobain provides solutions that are tailored for specific challenges. They showcase a variety of brands that address problems but they also feature a solution-based approach that helps to better address a client’s needs. The company highlights remarkable solutions and are able to deliver these according to the specific needs of their clients.

3M has at least a century of experience in the automotive industry. They are experts in all of its areas – from auto design, manufacturing, repair, and even to helping auto body specialists in revolutionizing their processes. They offer a variety of gaskets and seals that can be used to address different automotive needs. Specifically, they have the 3M Aqua-Pure Brand that features gaskets that can be used for the industry. Apart from that, they have parts that are available as well under 3M Parts. 

Finally, the Rogers Corporation highlights their high performance gasketing and sealing solutions that are readily available for the automotive industry. Their materials are conformable and highly compressible while having the properties to resist compression and stress relaxation. They also have long-term sealing durability and the ability to withstand most environmental challenges. Among their product offerings, PORON Industrial Polyurethanes, PORON Urethanes, and BISCO Silicone are highly recommended as materials that can produce sealing and gasketing products as they are effective, conformable, and highly compressible. These two product lines also come in a wide range of thickness and firmness options which ensures a robust sealing design.

Sealing and Gasketing: Importance in the Automotive Industry

Because they are small components, seals and gaskets are often overlooked by car owners but they are essential for the engine to function properly. They are essential to the car’s design and while these components are engineered to last for years – they will need to be replaced at some point.

Seals and gaskets are responsible for keeping components protected from foreign elements and environmental challenges that might affect the vehicle. If gasketing and sealing is not done properly, it will cause damage to the vehicle and worse – it will be the cause for unplanned maintenance. 

Sealing and gasketing are components that are regularly being updated and innovated to perform better; especially with the advent of new breeds of automotives, it’s important for the components to adapt as well for them to function properly. Though, regardless of the vehicle, it’s still critical to take these components into consideration as they are important parts of an engine. 

At ABLE, we aim to make automotive solutions better; this is why we only partner with the best suppliers in the industry to deliver products of the highest quality. We aim to help our customers find what they need and produce parts for them in a manner that exceeds industry standards. As a preferred partner of Saint-Gobain, 3M, and the Rogers Corporation, we ensure that we have access to only the best materials and the best industry experts.

Interested to learn more about our gasketing and sealing solutions? Contact us today and we’ll be more than happy to assist you!