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ABLE Featured Products: BISCO Automotive and ProCell EV Firewall

BISCO Automotive and ProCell EV Firewall

The customer demand for fuel efficiency and decreased vehicle emissions has elevated the development of pure and hybrid electric vehicles. These vehicles rely on advanced electronically controlled systems working together across various operating conditions to guarantee efficient performance, reliability and safety. However, EV battery packs present multiple challenges for design engineers that are looking for easy ways to extend range while achieving safety targets and minimizing complexity, volume and weight. Rogers Corporation partners with OEMs and Tiers to elevate and optimize battery pack performance by rapidly developing custom material solutions unique and critical to each EV program. The company also provides solutions for many applications, meeting or exceeding safety specifications and automotive industry standards. The company provides advanced materials for hybrid and electric cars, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), autonomous driving capabilities, and other applications in the automotive and EV/HEV market.

ABLE Featured Products:  BISCO Automotive and ProCell EV Firewall

Rogers Corporation provides EV design engineers with the superior expertise and resources required to streamline design cycles, confirm proper compression management, and examine battery stack configuration and material options. As a Rogers preferred converter, ABLE Inc. is proud to showcase these two impeccable products:

  1. BISCO Automotive

Creating battery pack solutions is essential to solving compression management and space constraints problems to improve battery reliability and performance. This solution also represents greater revenue opportunities for Rogers and its partners. 

Here are the advantages of utilizing BISCO Automotive products:

Water Sealing Performance

Typically softer, low-density products are desirable due to their low weight and high compressibility but are poor when used as seals. Lower-density BA products such as BA200 and BA300 can create an improved seal. Mid-grade firmness materials such as BA400 can seal at lower gasket widths and compressions. BA also broadens the material selection available to customers. Moreover, BA500 has shown the capability to achieve the highest ingress protection water ratings currently available in the IP Code family.

Dielectric Performance

BA products have robust dielectric properties that are a critical design consideration when selecting materials that may be in contact with the following:

BA products have a higher overall dielectric strength and dissipation factor rather than standard BISCO-grade materials. These products can also maintain the highest CTI values across the majority of the product portfolio. Insulation materials with a higher CTI reduce the risk of high-voltage connector failures because of arcing and short circuits.

Acoustic Performance

Acoustic blocking over a wide frequency range is a critical design challenge. BMS systems & the battery cells themselves can be adversely affected by exposure to high frequency & vibration. The BA portfolio offers a wide range of acoustic absorption & blocking. The variation of porosity and network formation are primary differentiators within the product portfolio.

  1. ProCell EV Firewall

The ProCell EV Firewall product line is a portfolio of Rogers Corporation products that work to delay thermal propagation in batteries. They can provide protection during catastrophic thermal events like thermal runaway. Check out the benefits of the ProCell EV Firewall product line:

ProCell EV Firewall PCL-350 & 400

PCL-350 and PCL-400 are ProCell products with filled silicone elastomeric materials that can work as a thermal propagation barrier and compression battery pad within a pouch or prismatic batteries in various markets such as electric vehicles, marine, stationary, and others.

ProCell EV Firewall 800 & 801

ProCell EV Firewall 800 and 801 are thin and flexible aluminum foil-backed glass cloth composites. These products provide temperature protection without adding rigidity or bulk to the battery cell and as a stand-alone solution or laminated to other compressible materials.

Furthermore, these products are built to withstand the stresses of fluctuating compression and temperature and hold a consistent force, keep battery cells aligned, seal against dust and fluid, and isolate the damaging effects of vibration.

Do you want to know more about these superb Rogers products? Consult a reliable Rogers Preferred Converter like ABLE. We have access to the most competitive pricing Rogers Corporation has to offer. This opportunity allows ABLE to give you the best pricing for your converting projects. Plus, we do numerous business transactions with Rogers, so we know their products well. Our team can develop solutions for all sorts of manufacturing and product challenges. Are you interested? Talk to our team now!