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BISCO Automotive: Battery Pack Solutions For Improved Performance

BISCO Automotive Battery Pack Solutions For Improved Performance

There is a high customer demand for fuel efficiency and decreased vehicle emissions that has since escalated due to the development of pure and hybrid electric vehicles. Said vehicles rely on advanced electronically controlled systems that work together across different operating conditions to serve efficient performance, safety, and reliability. One of the challenges that this causes is the EV battery pack which opens the avenue for other challenges that design engineers have to face. Engineers need to look for ways to extend the range while achieving safety targets while minimizing the volume, weight, and complexity. 

To help solve this, Rogers Corporation collaborates with Tiers and OEMs to optimize and elevate battery pack performance by swiftly developing custom material solutions that are unique and critical to each EV program. Rogers Corporation also provides solutions for other applications, meeting or exceeding the safety specifications and automotive industry standards. 

Furthermore, Rogers Corporation supplies the automotive and EV/HEV market with advanced materials for hybrid and electric cars, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), autonomous driving capabilities, and other applications. 

Rogers BISCO product lines help to provide EV engineers with the resources and expertise required to streamline design cycles, confirm compression management, and examine battery stack and material options. 

Among these solutions include the BISCO Automotive series or the BISCO BA series.

What is BISCO BA?

BISCO Automotive (BISCO BA) creates battery pack solutions that are essential to improving battery reliability and performance. This addresses problems such as space constraints and battery stack configuration. 

Some of the critical parts and systems include: 

Here are some of the notable features that set it apart from other Rogers BISCO product lines: 

Water Sealing Performance 

Usually, softer and low-density products are preferred due to their low weight and high compressibility but usually have poor performance when used as seals. Lower-density BA products (e.g. BA200, BA300) show that they have improved since as seals. 

The BISCO BA series has the BA400, a mid-grade firmness that can seal at lower gasket widths and compressions. They also have the BA500, which shows the capability to achieve the highest ingress protection water ratings that are currently available in the IP Code.

Dielectric Performance

Compared to standard BISCO grade materials, BISCO BA products have a higher overall dielectric strength and dissipation factor. Products from this line also maintain the highest CTI values which reduces the risk of high-voltage connector failures due to arcing and short circuits.

In BISCO BA products, strong dielectric properties are critical when it comes to design consideration when selecting materials that it may come in contact with:

Acoustic Performance 

Battery cells and BMS systems can be affected by exposure to high frequency and vibration thus acoustic blocking over a wide frequency range is much critical in the design challenge. The BISCO BA Series offers a wide range of acoustic absorption and blocking in their portfolio. The differentiators in the portfolio include the variation of the network formation and the porosity. 

BISCO Automotive: Product Highlights

Rogers BISCO product lines are one of the most reliable products when it comes to the automotive industry. That said, the BISCO BA series is definitely one of the best battery pack solutions on the market. 

Here’s a quick rundown of what BISCO BA Series has to offer to the market:

It’s also worth noting that the products in the BISCO BA Series are made-to-order and might have a lead time – depending on the quantity ordered. It’s also important to note that you might not find the BISCO Automotive line on price pages as it’s only available for quote on program pricing. Converting solutions such as ABLE can help you access Rogers BISCO product lines with the assistance of our highly trained experts. 

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