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Rogers Transportation and Automotive: Safety, Reliability, and Innovation

Rogers Transportation and Automotive

Rogers Corporation focuses on reliability, safety, and innovation.

The automotive and transportation industries are actively transforming because of the rise of Advanced Mobility technologies. There is also a need to keep transit systems running to their best potential.

Rogers is best known as the leading automotive and electric vehicle (EV)/hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) materials supplier that provides a wide range of industry solutions that connect, protect, and power vehicles. In the same way, Rogers Corporation also applies the same concept to transportation—specifically in mass transit rail systems. 

In this article, learn how Rogers Corporation contributes its materials to the transportation and automotive industry. 

Rogers Transportation: Powering and Protecting Mass Transit Rail Systems

Materials from Rogers Corporation help power and protect mass transit rail systems just as they help to innovate the automotive industry. The company offers different transport solutions to make transit rail systems efficient. The portfolio of materials from Rogers’ Corporation help meet the rail industry’s strict specifications and guarantee power and comfort for mass transit rail systems. 

Here are some of the applications of Rogers’ materials in the transportation industry:

Auxiliary Systems

Mass transit auxiliary power systems have multiple functions, from stabilizing AC power to generating high-stability DC power among others. Advances made in the semiconductor technology field and battery design provide the transportation industry with direct benefits through reduced design cycles, reduced maintenance, and flexible mechanical design.

Mechanical Fastening

Joining dissimilar substrates can be challenging, especially when you’re trying to achieve a reliable and long-term attachment. Contrary to traditional structural fastening methods, sustainability requirements and modern design often make mechanical fasteners and welding less effective than other bonding solutions. Self-fusing tapes, adhesives, and other bonding solutions can solve challenges further to extend product life for a clean and reliable design. 

Thermal Solutions 

Rogers is a leading producer of thermal solutions that protect critical systems and electronics. The company provides solutions to fit every design need with regards to heat conduction, heat storage, and cooling materials. Additionally, Rogers silicones also provide thermal insulation capabilities by reducing heat transfer. 

Other applications in the transportation industry include:

Rogers Transportation Solutions: Product Highlights 

Rogers Corporation showcases a broad portfolio of materials that can be used to solve transportation-related problems, especially in mass transit rail systems. That said, here are products that Rogers highlights for transportation solutions:

Rogers Automotive: What It Is and Its Applications 

As mentioned, the automotive industry is largely being transformed by Advanced Mobility technologies. As such, there is a need to meet or exceed industry stands and safety specifications, a feat that Rogers Corporation can surely achieve. As the company provides materials for EVs, HEVs, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), and other applications to the automotive and EV/HEV market, there is a need to focus on innovation, safety, and reliability. 

Here are three (3) ways on how Rogers’ products aid the Automotive and EV/HEV industry: 

Active Safety 

Automotive safety systems are created to avoid accidents. New cars are often equipped with avoidance technologies enabled by ADAS and use sensor technologies to detect any conditions that might lead to a collision or other accidents. ADAS helps drivers by giving vehicles the virtual ability to sense any objects (static or dynamic) on the road. This allows the drivers to arrive safely at their destinations.

Thermal Propagation Protection

Thermal propagation protection for battery manufacturers and end users is an important industry topic. Rogers materials help to mitigate the thermal propagation in batteries that experience temperature rise due to thermal runaway. This Rogers automotive application uses materials that help designers maximize safety without sacrificing battery performance. 

Vibration Management

Rogers Corporation produces electric vehicle materials that address noise and vibration for critical applications. The company has a broad portfolio  of options for vibration isolation, damping, and noise reduction. 

These are just some of the ways that Rogers’ products are used in the Automotive industry. Other applications include the following: 

Rogers Automotive Application: Product Highlights 

Rogers is a leading materials supplier of automotive and EV/HEV advanced materials.  As such, they have a wide portfolio of products to serve the automotive industry. They are:

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