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Critical Quality Control With ABLE’s Cleanroom Facilities

ABLE Converting Critical Quality Control With ABLE's Cleanroom Facilities

Quality control is an important aspect in all industries, especially in the manufacturing industry. It ensures proper product delivery and safeguards the company’s reputation, and increases trust on the consumer side of things. That said, cleanroom facilities are certified to keep the environment dry and clean so that films, adhesives, and packaging are free from moisture, mold, particles, and dust. 

Here at ABLE, we make it a point to help you meet necessary requirements from start to finish, from fabrication to assembly and packaging. 

That said, here’s a quick rundown of our cleanroom capabilities that you should know. 

What is a Cleanroom?

Put simply, the purpose of a cleanroom is to have a controlled environment by modifying inadequate environmental conditions and limiting the presence of sub-micron particles. Cleanrooms are usually separated by the level to which the environment is controlled. At most, cleanrooms are needed in manufacturing, electronic, high-tech, pharmaceutical, and aerospace industries among others. 

Maintaining a clean, safe, and contaminant-free environment is imperative to producing and manufacturing a viable product which is at the core of ABLE’s services.

The Importance of Cleanroom Facilities 

Cleanroom facilities help the manufacturing industry to deliver quality products. Not only does it help to maintain standards, but it also makes sure that there is minimal room for error in the production process. Once the workplace is contaminated, it puts the production line in jeopardy as well, and it can potentially put production to a halt if not treated properly.

That said, cleanroom facilities must be well-maintained. Here are some of the importance of cleanroom facilities:

ABLE Converting: A Rundown of Cleanroom Capabilities

ABLE promises the delivery of quality products. With our ISO-6 and ISO-7 certified facilities, we guarantee that our cleanroom facilities are suited and equipped to deliver products of the highest quality. 

We have more than 1,200 square feet of cleanroom workspace that allows us to maintain a clean environment for work and eliminates any sanitary obstacles that might get in the way of production. This way, we can ensure quality control that will protect the adhesive levels from production to packaging. 

As stated, ABLE’s cleanroom facilities are also ISO-certified. Our facilities have two (2) ISO cleanroom certifications that guarantee the caliber of our facilities. With that, here’s what our ISO certifications stand for:

Due to the variety of products with which we work, we make sure to keep our cleanrooms at their best to ensure that your custom converted part will be delivered properly and with the utmost quality.

ABLE’s Cleanroom Manufacturing Environment

Certain industries have specific cleanroom requirements because some products tend to be sensitive. This is most evident in automotive, solar energy, electronics, and aerospace applications since moisture needs to be kept out during manufacturing. This ensures the protection of the adhesion levels in the finished product. Our quality control also pays much attention to cleanliness as we work on medical products. For medical devices, maintaining sterile products is a must. They have to be free of particles and moisture to avoid mold and bacteria growth. 

As such, here are the following capabilities of our cleanroom facilities: 

At ABLE Converting, we ensure that we deliver products of the highest quality. 

Our converting solutions ensure that we deliver the best possible products to our customers. Apart from our rigorous analysis and development, we make sure that our cleanroom facilities can deliver the products without delay and with utmost precision. Furthermore, the cleanrooms also guarantee that we can meet the standards set not only by the customer but also by international standards. 

Interested in our services? Talk to us today to get the best quality products that the industry has to offer.