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ABLE Converting: The Key Players Behind the Successful Converting Contractor

ABLE Converting The Key Players Behind the Successful Converting Contractor

ABLE has been providing numerous industries and end users with converting solutions since 1974. Since the company’s establishment, they’ve provided their customers with ways to take on their biggest challenges. The company has a variety of materials and capabilities that they use to ensure that all the projects that they tackle result in successful outcomes and return business. In addition, the company’s goal is to provide its customers with the most efficient processes for converting materials and providing the best converting solutions. Nevertheless, ABLE is fully-equipped to be your go-to one-stop converter shop.  

When Harold Martinez founded the company, he wanted to convey the message of skill, competence, and talent—the qualities he intended to provide his customers. Today, ABLE lives on this legacy and continues to drive toward innovation with Martinez’s mindset. ABLE Inc. now has facilities across the globe, including Ontario, California, Tijuana, Jiangsu, and Shenzhen. 

The company’s employees and strong core values are backing up Harold Martinez’s goal to provide ABLE’s customers with the best converting solutions.

ABLE Inc.’s Core Values 

Core values support the company’s vision and mission while shaping the company. It is the essence of a company’s identity that helps it run smoothly.

A successful converting contractor should equip its employees with the right mindset and the right values. Not only does this help their people serve customers better, but it propagates a healthy environment in the workplace. Each company has its own set of core values and as such, ABLE has the following:

Core values provide a system for employees that would teach them to make good decisions on their own. These values also help to address new challenges better, remove bottlenecks, and empower growth across the organization. 

ABLE’s Key Players 

ABLE takes pride in the people and employees that provide the knowledge and expertise to produce the best and most innovative converting solutions for client needs. The company has a roster of experienced converting technicians, engineers, and product specialists who help to create converting solutions that are best suited for clients around the world. 

In a previous article, we shared with you some of the key personnel that help to run ABLE to its best abilities. Some of the employees highlighted in our previous article include Armida Ruiz (Application Specialist), Courtney Saldivar (Production Manager), and Javier Arriola (Planner and Scheduler). They have served the company for years and take pride in the work that they have done with ABLE.

However, great company performance is owed not only to the success of what is placed in the market but rather to the key players who worked behind the scenes to make such products possible. In this article, we showcase two more key players behind the company’s success: 

Gilbert Martinez, President & CEO

Gilbert Martinez shares that ABLE can innovate new products to take to the market. He also shares that the company’s ability to act as a custom converter and provide converting solutions for their clients sets them apart from over converters. ABLE boasts high customer satisfaction, integrity, teamwork, and innovation.

He shares that ABLE’s biggest strength is its employees and some of those employees, much like Debbie, have been with the company for many years. The employees take great pride in their work and the culture they created in ABLE. 

Debbie Viramontez, Purchasing

Debbie is a purchasing agent who has been with the company since 1974 and is responsible for acquiring the materials used in the company’s production. She believes that one of ABLE’s strengths is the company’s willingness to try, produce, and innovate a variety of products. Because of this, ABLE has expanded its offerings to a wider variety of components. 

She shares the ideology of ABLE’s founder, Harold Martinez, who dubbed himself as able because he was able to do anything. She also shares that the founder wanted to expand to different products and different industries that would help their customers in the long run.

Converting companies such as ABLE take pride in their employees and the key players who help to run it. The strengths and characteristics of these leaders help them not only be at their best but also help their colleagues become better. Each employee’s contribution helps make the company grow and become stable. As such, ABLE maintains a solid relationship with their employees. 

Furthermore, ABLE aims to provide customers with the best converting solutions possible. If you’re looking for help, ABLE has got you covered! 

We offer top-of-the-line services and products that are tailored specifically to your needs. With the help of our dedicated employees, we’ll provide you with the best solutions possible for any challenges you might be facing. We have specialists and engineers who are best equipped to provide you with converting solutions that best suit the requirements of your project. 

Interested? Talk to ABLE today, and we’ll be glad to assist you!