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Empowering Industries with Jones Technology Structural Adhesive Solutions

Structural adhesives play an important role in various industries, providing strength, durability, and versatility in bonding different materials. Jones Technology, a major manufacturer of adhesive solutions, is at the cutting edge of innovation in this industry. 

Jones Technology: Global Leader in High-Performance Materials

Founded in 1997, Jones Technology is a well-known provider of products meant to increase the reliability of electronic devices using intelligence. With over two decades of manufacturing experience, the company specializes in developing cutting-edge electromagnetic compatibility and thermally conductive materials to protect electronic devices in challenging environments. Operating globally with offices in key regions across Asia, Europe, and America, Jones Technology is committed to transparency, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility. 

Jones Tech offers diverse adhesive solutions customized to various market industries such as:

Innovating Structural Adhesives Solutions with Jones Tech

Structural adhesives are high-strength materials renowned for their ability to securely bond components in a diverse range of applications. Whether it’s bonding metals, composites, plastics, or other materials, structural adhesives provide reliable and long-lasting connections that contribute to the integrity and performance of the final product. With innovative formulations and tailored solutions, Jones Tech sets the standards in delivering cutting-edge structural adhesive solutions for today’s demanding engineering challenges.

Jones Technology is a global leader in the industry with its comprehensive range of structural adhesive products tailored to meet diverse application requirements. 

Jones Technology’s Cutting-Edge Structural Adhesives Materials

Unlike traditional adhesives, which primarily offer surface adhesion, structural adhesives are designed to create load-bearing bonds capable of withstanding significant mechanical stress. Here are the structural adhesives offered by Jones Technology.

ABLE Converting and Jones Technology Partnership for Excellence in Diverse Industries

The collaboration between ABLE and Jones Tech is a significant step forward in providing tailored solutions in diverse industries. ABLE, a company well-known for its custom converting solutions, offers years of experience and a devoted team of engineers, product specialists, and converting technicians. Their method, which emphasizes cooperation and problem-solving, guarantees customized solutions for even difficult applications. ABLE is well-equipped to handle any project, thanks to its wide material inventory and emphasis on innovation. This collaboration promises to produce cutting-edge solutions by combining ABLE’s problem-solving expertise with Jones Tech’s advanced materials, paving the way for improved reliability and efficiency across various industries.

Are you looking for structural adhesive materials for your projects? Reach out to us today to explore tailored solutions perfectly suited to your requirements!